Book Review – “Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer

Book review on the “Untethered Soul” by Michael A Singer I just read this book for a few various reasons. Major struggle in my life has always been my inner feelings and emotions, and how poorly I’ve gone through life avoiding my problems, allowing them to fester inside, and allowing my thoughts to extrapolate and… Read More

Steven Dybvad, Book Review – “I Declare 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life” by Joel Osteen

I Declare 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life by Joel Osteen I loved reading this book. It’s the best one of jewels that I’ve read yet. This is a book with 31 topics, 31 chapters, that is made to read over a 31 day period of time. I would have to say that this… Read More

Steven Dybvad Book Review – “Law Man” by Shon Hopwood

November 19, 2012 “Law Man” by Shon Hopwood I chose to read this book because it’s a story of a man who made terrible choices that led him to prison, overcame the struggles and adversities of prison and made a better life for himself and his family. I chose to read this book because I… Read More

Craig Payton/ Book Report: Brain Wars

Brain Wars The Scientific Battle Over the Existence of the Mind and the Proof That Will Change the Way We Live Our Lives Mario Beauregard 2012 From the back cover; “The current assumption that the brain makes consciousness, like the liver makes bile, and that human consciousness is confined to the brain and body, can… Read More

Craig Payton/ Book Report: Limitless Mind

Limitless Mind:  A guide to remote viewing and transformation of consciousness. Russell Targ 2004 Chapter List: Forward by Jean Houston Introduction:  The Unknowable End of Science Ch. 1 Our limitless Mind:  Living in a Non-Local Universe Ch. 2 On a Clear Day We Can See Forever:  What We Know About Remote Viewing Ch. 3 For… Read More

Steven Dybvad Book Report, July 30, 2012 – “Triumph” by Michael G Santos

Book Report – 7-30-2012 “Triumph” by Michael G Santos This book is the first book that I have picked up to read in my first month at Lebanon Penitentiary.I chose to read this book first because the words on the cover caught my attention; “Conquering imprisonment and preparing prisoners for reentry”.  Naturally these words spoke to me…. Read More

Craig Payton/ Book Report: The Healer Within

July 11, 2012: Book Review The Healer Within -Using Traditional Chinese Techniques to Release your Body’s Own Medicine. Movement-Massage-Meditation-Breathing Dr.Roger Jahnke Doctor of Oriental Medicine 1997 The subtitle of this book refers to traditional Chinese techniques.  The beauty of this book is that is could be subtitled, “Making Ancient Health Enhancement methods available for anyone”… Read More

Craig Payton/ Book Report: The Starch Solution

The Starch Solution Dr. John A. McDougall pub.2012 This book is a logical follow up to my review of “The China Study”.  Dr McDougall’s research and clinical results as well as his interactions with the political system as it pertains to medicine and food are an important part of that book. This book stands alone… Read More

Maurice Finley/ Definitions from The Art Of War

July 4th, 2012 Below are some words I made note of and learned from The Art of War. Definitions – ” The Art of War ” 1. ESPIONAGE – n – 1. The practice of spying or using spies to obtain information about the plans or activities esp. of a foreign government, or competing company…. Read More

Craig Payton/ Book Report: The Way of Zen

The Way of Zen Alan Watts Why this book? I have been a student of meditation since my grade school years.  I have read many books on various aspects of this practice.  Zen is perhaps widely understood to be an equivalent of meditatino practices in general, or a meditative frame of mind to some.  In… Read More

Craig Payton/ Book Report: Quiet

Quiet The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking Susan Cain – 2012 Why this book? I had heard a review on National Public Radio not long ago.  The subject matter intrigued me.  I have a lifelong interest in psychology and sociology.  I suspected that I shared many traits with those Cain… Read More

Maurice Finley/ Book Report: The Art of War

June 25, 2012 DATE READ:   June 2012 TITLE:           The Art of War AUTHOR:       Sun Tzu WHY I READ ” The Art of War ” ? I read “The Art of War” because I’ve been curious about reading this book for an extended period of time now. “The Art of War” provides numerous chapters on practically… Read More

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