Steven Dybvad Book Report – “Inside” by Michael G Santos

Book report  ”Inside – Life Behind Bars in America” by Michael G Santos Michael Santos’s book had me glued to reading more and more, just waiting to get another chapter in the mail and read it. Not only was I anxious for the next chapter, so was one of my cellmates. He read each chapter… Read More

Maurice Finley/ Book Report: Earning Freedom

TITLE OF BOOK:          Earning Freedom AUTHOR OF BOOK:      Michael G. Santos DATE READ BOOK:       March  2012 WHY I READ EARNING FREEDOM I believe that I read Earning Freedom because I was curious to the lessons, and experiences that Michael had to offer serving a 45 year sentence. Being incarcerated for more than 25 years is… Read More

Craig Payton/ Book Report: The China Study

The China Study Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long Term Health. Why this book? I encountered this book 6 months or more ago and was initially skeptical of the large claims made on the cover.  I have seen so many books about diet and weight loss over the last 20 years that I… Read More

LaMont NeeDum/ Book Report: The Alchemist

March 3, 2012 Title: The Alchemist. By: I forget. When I read it: Several years back. Why I read The Alchemist? A: Because a buddy of mine Named: Todd Vassell told me it was a must read. What I learned from reading it. A: Little inspires me. But this book did. It taught me about… Read More

Steven Dybvad: Book Report “Lessons From Prison” by Justin Paperny

My report on “Lessons from Prison” I learned a great deal from Justin’s book.  It opened my eyes to a totally different class of people imprisoned for crimes much different from the drug addicts, murderers, and rapists that I’m used to hearing about. Justin helped me in my approach to prison and how I should… Read More

Kalani Lautele/ Personal Journal Entry: Book Report: Winning With The Dow Losers

Title: Winning With The Dow Losers Author:  Charles B. Carlson Date read:  12/29/11 – 1/2/12 I choose to read this book when I saw it in the book cart at the Victorville transit facility.  I’ve always had an interest for the financial market.  Which is another reason why I picked out this book. Reading this… Read More

Steven Dybvad Book Report: Prison! My 8,344th Day, by Michael Santos

November 8, 2011 Book report Book Title:  Prison!  My 8,344th day Author:  Michael Santos Question 1- Why did I read the Book? This is the first of Michael Santos books that I’ve had the pleasure of reading.  Unfortunately it’s the only book I’ve been able to obtain since my stay here in the county jail. … Read More

Michael Santos / Book review: My Prison Without Bars


Title: My Prison Without Bars Author: Pete Rose, with Rick Hill Date Read: September 28, 2011 Why I read My Prison Without Bars: I would not describe myself as being a huge sports fan at this stage of my life. While I was growing up, however, Pete Rose impressed me during those many years that… Read More

Michael Santos / Title Read: The Ice Man

Date read: August 24, 2011 Book Title: The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer Book Author: Phillip Carlo Why I read The Ice Man: St. Martin’s Press brought Inside: Life Behind Bars In America (one of my earlier books) to market back in 2006. Around the same time, the publisher released The Ice… Read More

Michael Santos / Title Read: Whatever It Takes

Date Read: August 22, 2011 Title: Whatever It Takes: Geoffrey Canada’s Quest to Change Harlem and America Author: Paul Tough Why I read Whatever It Takes: Since I’m a federal prisoner, guards inspect mail I receive before they pass it along. When people send books, the guards frequently pass me the book in an unmarked… Read More

Book Review of LAW MAN

Book Title: Law Man Book Author: Shon Hopwood Date I read: August 11, 2011 Why I read Law Man: An editor from Crown Publishing boosted my spirits by sending me an unsolicited manuscript titled Law Man by Shon Hopwood. The accompanying letter requested that I review Mr. Hopwood’s manuscript and write a comment for the… Read More

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