Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal – April 30, 2014

While in the county jail, begging my parents to get me a good lawyer, and rescue me from my own self-destruction again, instead they searched and searched for other options, a way to help me help myself and save my own life. That’s when they discovered the Michael Santos Foundation, and the Straight A Guide… Read More

Straight-A Guide Commercial “Success isn’t measured on how we start or finish our journey in life.  But in how we overcome the many obstacles and struggles in between, for this is what forges us into the amazing human beings we are today.”

Steven Dybvad/ Straight-A-Guide Curriculum / Class 10: Leadership

251.        Leadership means setting a strong, sturdy example that others will want to follow.   252.        My life is been one huge lesson of trial and error, teaching me many things along the way, giving me a great deal of experience, enabling me to have the ability to show others a better way to live… Read More

Steven Dybvad/ Straight-A-Guide Curriculum / Class 9: Financial Literacy

223.        My financial literacy. Today is horrible; I desperately want to get a grip on this for the sake of my future and the future of my children.   224.        Standing finances are detrimental to the quality of my success upon release.   225.        I believe the opportunities are endless, as long as our heart… Read More

Steven Dybvad/ Straight-A-Guide Curriculum / Class 8: Relationships

200.        Like Michael, since my arrest, and after my lasting sobriety, I also see the whole world in my relationship to it from a completely different perspective. My relationship with others in the world is much closer, and with the ones that are closer, I will continue to work with and nurture until they are… Read More

Steven Dybvad/ Straight-A-Guide Curriculum / Class 7: Support Networks

174. In my case, I must sever all ties some of my past relationships and work hard to make other relationship stronger, as a recovering addict, many of my past relationships revolved around people harmful to my future, only strengthening my deadly disease of addiction. My relationships with family and healthy friends crumbled all around… Read More

Steven Dybvad/ Straight-A-Guide Curriculum / Class 6: Communication Skills

164.        Before my introduction to the straight a program, I was indulging in murder mysteries, science fictions, and minimal spiritual readings. These days, I will only read books that focus on improving quality of life or real-life story of another person who has risen from their downward spiral in life and change completely for the… Read More

Steven Dybvad/ Straight-A-Guide Curriculum / Class 5: Self-Improvement

126. I live each day in pursuit of emulating the life Michael once lived in the penal system. Each day, I read, I write, study, work out, pray, and continue to remain grateful for the blessings in my life. 127.        Structure is very important. Structure allows us to function at a higher level of daily… Read More

Steven Dybvad/ Straight-A-Guide Curriculum / Class 4: Life Management Skills

  105. without the order and direction. I’ve come to find in the straight a program there would be chaos. Since then I’ve done great things for my future and my family, I’ve established a structure goals and tasks that will ensure success in my life after prison. 106. Not just a certain type of… Read More

Steven Dybvad/ Straight-A-Guide Curriculum / Class 3: Accountability

97. Accountability logs can only be helpful in providing more opportunities for success. If utilized correctly. Structure is very important for recovering from our once criminal way of life. I believe some people need more of a push from someone else supposed others, especially drug addicts like myself. I can have the perfect accountability log… Read More

Steven Dybvad/ Class 2: Goals

92. I value revitalizing my life, I value the relationships with my children, family and friends, I value my health so that I can live as long as possible to watch my children grow up and raise children of their own. My goals are in direct relation to my values, they go hand-in-hand with each… Read More

Straight-A-Guide Completed Modules

Also, please visit my Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) page   “Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value. –Albert Einstein  Phillip Jamison/ Class 1: Values Phillip Jamison/ Class 2: Goals Phillip Jamison/ Class 3: Accountability Phillip Jamison/ Class 4: Life Management Skills Phillip Jamison/… Read More

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