Colin Walsh/ Class 1: Values

16. Who are you? Who am I? A felon? a convict? a criminal? an inmate? These are the answers that many people would use to define me. When I ask myself the same question, I don’t even consider and of these labels. I perceive myself differently. My name is Colin Walsh. I am 20 years… Read More

Phillip Jamison/ Class 1: Values

Prologue As a young boy, I would constantly be slapped around by circumstances, for I thought of myself as a human being affected by outside conditions.  I truly believed that I was a product of my environment who society frowned upon due to my ethnicity and physical appearance.  Following this faulty belief only resulted in… Read More

Ioritana “Jay” Aleki/ Class One: Values

16. Who are you? My name is Ioritana Aleki my friends know me by JAY!!! I have been through a lot in  25 years. I never really understood the values of life untill I came to prison, I cant sit  here and say I know what’s important and what’s not because still I have a… Read More

Patrick Aubin/ Class 1: Values

16. Who are you? I am a man who appreciates life and all the experiences that I go through . Everything is a learning experience , without them we can’t learn from them in order to grow . Everything that I am going through is by far no mistake . In the world that I… Read More

Maurice Finley / Accountability Logs

Greetings! View my Accountability Logs to follow my progress: Maurice Finley, February 2012 Accountability Log Maurice Finley, November 2011 Accountability Log

Kalani Lautele/ Class 1: Values

16. Who are you? My name is Kalani Lautele.  I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Although Hawaii is known for its beautiful sceneries, my scenery was not always beautiful.  I grew up in a poverty neighborhood known as Kam IV Housing.  Majority of the families who occupy these two story concrete buildings are low income… Read More

LaMont “Fridge” NeeDum/ Class 1: Values

16. Who are you? Hello. My name is LaMont NeeDum, but everyone refers to me as Fridge. I’ve been living the Straight-a-life since 1998 when a chance meeting put me in the way of a brother named (Dr.) Guy Fisher, my mentor. I’d just gotten out the hole facing a 101 charge (serious assault) and… Read More

Billy Sigler / Class One: Values

16. Who are you? My name is Billy Sigler. I am 41 years old and I have been in prison since I was 32. I expect to serve about 15 more months and I’m determined to use that time to prepare myself. Frankly, I just finished reading the books Success! The Straight-A Guide and Prison!,… Read More

Walter Samuel/ Class 1: Values

16. Who are you? I dropped out of school at an early age. 9th grade to be exact. From 1973 to this day I have spent 30 years of my life in prison. 23 in state prison in angola Louisiana the rest has been federal. I got my GED 5 years ago when I was… Read More

Darrell Tatum/ Class 1: Values

16. Who are you? I am a person who believes in family.  A person who will help a person in need. I am a person of many trades.  I strive for everything in life that I have obtained. 17. Describe your background with regard to your education, vocation or career, troubles with the law. My… Read More

Steven Dybvad/ Class One: Values

16. Who are you? My name is Steven A Dybvad.  I am 32 years old.  I am a sensitive man, compassionate, loving, nurturing and many qualities that I could share with others and help make a difference in others lives.  I have yet to display these characteristics in full  force for I have locked myself… Read More

Thomas Ross / Class One: Values

16. Who are you? A little I would like to share about myself. I’m married to Angela Ross, we are proud parents of Dashaun, Serena, Trevaughn and Vaughnyae with one grandson Javiaun. I also have a son named Marquis from a previous relationship. I have been incarcerated for over a decade. I was convicted for… Read More

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