August 29, 2012 Dear Sir or Madam: My name is Brian Buehrle.  I am currently incarcerated in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, but I hope to transfer to a half-way house in the St. Louis area around the end of March 2013.  My stay there should last approximately six months.  During this six month transitional… Read More

Manuel Chavez/ Personal Journal Entry

August 27, 2012 Ladies and Gentlemen: Well it happened again!! I heard thru the grapevine (actually my son) that they had a terrible gas well blowout in North Dakota. It was so bad that it was totally out of control and in the aftermath of everyone escaping the catastrophe the company man got run over… Read More

Sergio Estrada/ Personal Journal Entry: Libros

(submitted 8/6/2012) Paso casi una decada desde el ultimo libro que lei hasta que entre a prision. A causa de la vida tan acelerada que vivia, intentando adquirir electronicos, carros, propiedades y tantas cosas que en realidad nunca llenaron el vacio interior, olvide prestar atencion a las cosas valiosas de la vida; entre ellas esta la lectura…. Read More

Charles Day/ Personal Journal Entry

August 24, 2012 Alot of things going on right now, as the nearing of my graduation draws near. Along with my courseware, I am, along with the rest of the group, re-writing the applications and packets for those potentially able to be part of the outreach group. We have renamed the group,” THOSE OUTSPOKEN”, and… Read More

Sergio Estrada/ Personal Journal Entry: Learning English; A Journey…

I lived most of my lifetime at the border Calexico-Mexicali, where a majority of the inhabitants speak Spanish as a first language. All that time, I was incapable of communicating with others in English. I did not make an effort to learn it because I was living in a comfort zone where I could easily request a “hamburguesa con… Read More

Severin Stone/ Personal Journal Entry

August 21, 2012 I just finished another class this morning toward my graduation in November. I have four more classes and a 40-45 page thesis paper to finish by November. Please help hold me accountable as I work hard every day to accomplish my goal! They have offered me a position to start teaching here… Read More

Lee Navarro/ Emerging Successfully From Prison

August 21, 2012 I define emerging from prison successfully, is to have the ability to turn a negative situation into a positive outcome. I’m doing so by taking advantage of any educational opportunities I may aquire and associate myself with good spirited acquaintances. I find that positive peers are beneficial and resourceful to assist me… Read More

Aaron Sands/ Emerging Successfully From Prison

August 21, 2012 Definition of Emerging from Prison Successfully: For a person to emerge from person in a successful manner would require them to have come to terms with three things: The reason for imprisonment; taking stock of their current life; and, finally, deciding on how they want to live the rest of their life…. Read More

Charles Day/ Personal Journal Entry

  August 18, 2012 If I am not mistaken, I have missed almost two weeks without blogging. Unfortunately, things run somewhat in a process here in buying stamps and so forth. Yet this is not an excuse, as I will be trying to buy stamps so that I could blog at least once a week…. Read More

Sergio Estrada/ My first writing ever.. In English

Amazing Cisco A deep self-exploration of my confused life guides me to a process of auto analysis. Then, a supreme power headed a universal conspiracy in my favor in order to sketch a picture of my own life to teach me the meaning of success. Subsequent to contemplating an amazing creature, I received a dose… Read More

Victor Ellerbee/ Personal Journal Entry

8-19-12 Good Morning, A few more things about me I forgot to mention, such as I love to read and I am in tuned to the worldly events such as the Syria situation, Greece and their financial situation and a few other things. I am knowledgeable of the in regards of the political world and… Read More

Victor Ellerbee/ Personal Journal Entry

August 18, 2012 Well my day start off at breakfast and that is around 6:30 am, I am the clerk in food service. Immediately after lunch I am in culinary arts class from 1 to 3pm everyday. On Tuesday nights I teach economics 101 and on Thursday nights I am in Spanish class and on… Read More

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