Manuel Chavez/ Personal Journal Entry

Ladies and Gentlemen: On May 09 of this year BP has made a 500 ton system, which takes 7 planes to deploy, is in vanguard of world-wide disaster response efforts. This series of saws, mechanical pincers that can cut through broken well equipment and remover any debris resulting from a blowout. It takes 5 huge… Read More

James Hunt/ Personal Journal Entry: I am at the Camp!

5-23-12 First morning at the camp, and it seems like the air is fresher, the day brighter, and my sight clearer. The physical freedom, is a bit more tangible. The realities of the real world, are alto closer.  I’ve already signed up to take the college assessment test, and algebra. That will allow me to take… Read More

Steffeny Frazier/ Personal Journal Entry: Emerging Successfully From Prison

May 24, 2012 I define being successful emerging from prison based upon me knowing myself and my own self impediments that caused my fall the first time. Knowing and understanding my own weakness, that i might not fall victim to again. the business aspect of my life is more simple. I have everything laid out,… Read More

LaMont “Fridge” NeeDum/ Personal Journal Entry: Yale Law Journal Prison Contest

May 24, 2012 Please check out the article I submitted to the  Yale Law Journal as part of their prison contest. LaMont (B.I.G. Fridge) NeeDum 63877-061# U.S.P Lee County P.O. Box 305 Jonesville, Va 24263-0305 Background: My “bid” started July 17, 1994 in Columbus, Ohio. The original charge was a minor drug trafficking offense in… Read More

Steven Lee/ Personal Journal Entry

May 23, 2012 I am waiting on my Straight-A Guide materials, and am excited to get going with this program. I will begin writing soon! Thank you, Steven Lee

Kalani Lautele/ Personal Journal Entry

5-23-12 From June to December of 2011 I have simulated trading on the futures market using the Investors Business Daily paper.  The IBD provided daily data and charts on most of the commodities, indices, and currencies traded in the futures markets.  Although the information and data represented the prior trading day, I perceived each new… Read More

John Broman/ Personal Journal Entry

5/23 3:00 Another great day going out to the sweatlodge. Man…don’t know why it took me so long to find it, but i’ll NEVER stop going to it. It’s also a new day with a new celly, in my old cell. Alot less traffic. Alot less drama. So it’s like a new day of beginnings… Read More

Philip Jamison/ Personal Journal Entry: Weekly Blog

May 22, 2012 Weekly Blog:  Good week.  RDAP Orientation is finally over and now I’ll be moving onward into “Rational Thinking.”  The most senior RDAP Group “Group 33″ has recently graduated RDAP.  Some of the members will be transitioning back to the South camp now, and some will be going home.  Several of the members… Read More

Philip Jamison/ Personal Journal Entry: Godliness

May 17, 2012 Godliness Although I feel lonesome in paying the ultimate price, I’m not alone, for (John 15:15) I am a friend of Jesus Christ. In my past I’ve warn a mask, made poor decisions and put on a facade, but I was protected, for (John 1:12) I am a child of God. I’m… Read More

Brian Buehrle/ Personal Journal Entry: Truth

May 10, 2012 Truth I’ve recently been reading a fantasy book series called “The Sword of Truth” by Terry Goodkind.  It is a great series.  I’ve already read it once last year, but I ran across it recently so I started it again.  I am currently on the fourth book, _Temple of the Winds_, but… Read More

Salvador Castenada/ Personal Journal Entry

May 15, 2012 Wednesday evening I was handed a medical status restriction form indicating I was physically restricted from playing all sports or exercising, even walking a lap around the track. My word for the day is OSTENSIBLE.  This morning I went to sick-call (doctor’s office).  I explained to Nurse Pinnel that I have had… Read More

Shawn Piper/ Personal Journal Entry

May 21, 2012 Well i haven’t written back in awhile being that there hasn’t been much going on with except that this time is putting a real strain on my marriage and it seem to be falling apart. Still I am working hard and preparing for release.  Last week I got the final scores for… Read More

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