Charles Day/ Class 10: Leadership

by Charles Day

251. What does leadership mean to you?

Personally, it means one that is great in service to others. Not to be so concerned about how he or she is perceived, but how they are aiding in the building up of what others need to bring them into a realm of understanding of who they are, what they need themselves, encouraging them to do so, and helping them along the way. In order for one to lead properly, he too, at some point, had to follow. The intents of one’s heart, determines the quality and sincerity of how the one following will lead themselves, and the greatest leaders first come to know what it is to serve others. Humility is a great essential to this title.

252. In what ways have your past decisions prepared you for leadership?

Numerous ways! One of the greatest decisions that I ever made was to follow a man, humble myself before him, in order that I may obtain the attitude and mentality of the leadership that he lead in. The wonderful thing about that choice is that the only one that he followed and was taught to lead by is Christ. Therefore, I was also taught among the same principles, from the greatest leader of all history and the time at hand. I was taught to serve, as Christ being the greatest leading, did so in serving as well. All of the Jewish leaders at that time were looking for one to come redeem Israel with an iron fist, but when He came, He created the opportunity for Israel to be saved, as well as the world in it’s entirety, through humility, even the humility to the death of the cross.

253. Where does leadership begin?

Leadership begins in the HEART. One must have a heart for others and the compassion to meet thier needs, even if it interferes with their own agenda. To understand that it is about the next man, NOT about self. Self is built up by those who choose to support him. Those who choose or desire to support you will show a great deal about the one who they are following.

254. In what ways can an individual measure his capacity to lead?

Look around himself. Who does he or she see that wants to be next to them, to be a part of what they are doing. If nobody is following or asking if they can come along side in what they are doing, or asking to help teach in some area. Why not?? The answer to that question could possibly answer to what capacity they could or are able to lead.

255. In what ways can an individual measure his effectiveness at leadership?

The Bible talks about this in association of fruit. It says, ” And you will know them by their fruit”, know what, ” WHO THEY ARE”. In applying this to ones’ own life and leadership, their effectiveness will be evident in those who have been taught by them. How or what are they doing with what has been instilled in them. What would we be able to say about Christ if those He taught had never carried out the WORD as they did?

256. What does it mean to have a vision?

A vision to me, I can only relate in the aspect of what’s’ become mine. In 2007, I was in a praise and worship class in another prison I was at. During that time, I was sitting there and I seen myself, speaking to alot of youth. Since that time that vision took place, there is something that has taken place within that has a certain drive to achieve the goals set out in establishing a program to help youth. But it all started with a vision, a divinely instilled aspiration, that when one sit and ponders on, it becomes so real to them that it causes a sense of drive to desire to accomplish it.

257. How does a leader gauge the effectiveness of a plan?

By putting it into action. I would gain the effectiveness of my plan in looking at how it is progressing, who is or desires to be a part of it, and since they have come along, how has things picked up. Is it moving forward at all, or is it becoming stagnant. Either answer will determine whether or not things need to change, or if I need to maybe examine ways that may be more productive for the main objective at hand, for the goals for this time, in this stage of development.

258. Why would leadership require accountability tools?

One must always be accountable, especially in leadership positions. Accountability tools help those also that are involved know that the one who is leading them in the endeavor is responsible, and owned up to the success or the failures of any plans or goals that are set out to achieve. This is an essential quality for those in leadership.

259. How would a leader make the most effective use of accountability tools?

Putting them to use. In the goals that he or she has set out to accomplish, accountability to accomplish those goals will be important to recognize the achievement of them, how well they were achieved, and if it was done so in the manner in which they professed, time frame, steps to do so etc…

260. How would you describe leadership by example?

There is a phrase that I have heard that holds some truth I believe that brings a good response to this question. This is,” Don’t talk about it, Be about it”. In other words, in leadership by example, one ought to be leading in a way that they want those that follow them or are watching them to lead. As Christ, the GREAT example, came and gave us the perfect example on how we are to conduct ourselves, in every aspect of life. We ought to be living in the same manner, leading in the same ways. Ones’ leading will reveal his heart by what he does and how he is with those around him. If he want those who are following him to lead like him, then he ought to lead in the same way that he desires them to lead as well. Lead by example.

261. What does leading with integrity mean to you?

Leading with integrity to me means leading in a manner in which portrays the values of which I profess to live by. This makes it extremely crucial that I walk, speak, and act in accordance with how I expect others to do as they excel in their own areas in following. An example of this took place a couple of months ago when I went to the “hole” for walking in the integrity that I profess to live by. Whether one was being deprived of what was to be allotted to him by those in authority, an individual took it upon himself to exercise his own ability to achieve what he needed to in order to obtain what was supposed to be provided him. He exercised this through my employment which is required to produce what is given token for. There is no policy stating that I am not to do what is asked of me in my line of work at that time, and regardless of his being neglected for illegitimate reasons, I do not have a compromising spirit, nor fear what man can do to me, but fear the one who is able to destroy both man and soul for eternity in hell. Due to the integrity I profess to walk by and doing what is right, I suffered displacement and job loss. Praise God though, because it was seen by all that those in authority were abusing it, but a man of integrity holds fast to what is good and true in doing what is right, not seeking mans approval, but GODs.

262. In what ways does personal leadership require an individual to put the concerns of others ahead of his own?

See ? 261

263. How can our behavior in prison influence the lives of those we ask to support or sponsor us?

This depends on whom one is seeking support from. It can benefit both good and bad sides of the track. Personally, in walking in the beliefs I profess and the integrity of them, it is VERY important that I do so. By doing so, the influence that is seen is due to the fruits of what and how I conduct myself. This is important, especially in regard to the aspirations and goals that I am endeavoring and striving to achieve. Most important, I need the Lord, and those He has brought along my side to achieve them.

264. When living within the restrictions of prison boundaries, where can we turn for leadership training?

We can come up under those who walk and are skilled in the areas we are seeking to do the same in. As in ministry, I came up under my father in the faith, humbled myself to be taught by him and trained by him in how I am to one and am now leading in the areas that I am prepared for and expected to. You could read more about this in Michael’s book, ” Triumph”.

265. Describe an individual who has leadership skills that you admire?

An individual who has leadership skills that I admire is Jesus Christ. This is not only the greatest example that was here for us to follow, but the context in which He lead should be the template for anyone who aspires to lead, whether in a faith based manner or a secular one. Just the way it is, and needs to be for all. I will aspire to meet that criteria.

266. To what extent would emulating such leadership traits influence your prospects for success?

Well based on history, some will despise this type of leadership. But as it has done over the centuries, this leadership style will touch lives on a mass scale. This is the point, especially in the positive and for the benefit of helping others achieve success in their own lives through positive decision making practices on a continual basis. If it is done in Christ, even better, we this is the main objective.

267. In what ways do our day-to-day actions show our commitment to personal leadership development?

How we walk, talk, carry ourselves, and conduct ourselves speaks volumes in our society today. I have often compared these circumstances in prison to the world at large in that this is a fish eyes glance at the world in its totality, just in this environment. Even more so, eyes are on individuals more so here than out there. So our day to day actions literally express the individual, and up close an personal encounters are able to reveal the sincerity of a person as well, in that their actions don’t reflect the truth of where their heart is at.

268. How can a commitment to personal leadership development while in prison influence your relationship with people you haven’t yet met?

This commitment becomes the individual, and thus the person then reveals their true character that has become them through this commitment. The persons intents, and their development along with their sincerity is then evident to those who may be watching, and thus bearing witness to the type of person they are. For people you have not yet met, they will be able to see the person one is by how they lead. Through their actions, they will see their heart.

269. In what way can the Straight-A Guide influence your prison adjustment?

It has already, by going through this guide, it has caused me to reflect on myself and how I carry myself and present myself to others. Most importantly, it has verified the importance of making positive, life changing choices to emerge from these circumstances successful.

270. In what ways can the Straight-A Guide influence your prospects for a law-abiding, contributing life upon release?

I hope that all the eyes all these words fall upon see the transparency, and change, Christ centered life that I live, and will continue to serve in, in HIM. I pray that this is what is seen above all else.

271. In what ways will you use the Straight-A Guide going forward?

I expect to blog and continue writing along side the straight-a-guide, to help encourage those who are contemplating becoming involved as well. I would definitely recommend this program for all who are committing themselves to a changed life. I would love to see those changes occur in individuals, so that we can take the statistics that has been spun into society about persons emerging from these circumstances, and show them that we are fully capable of emerging from them successful, law-abiding, and seeking to be a representative and example for all that are striving to do the same. I praise God for the opportunity, and will strive to glorify HIM in every area of my life. Till next time, God Bless.


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