Charles Day/ Class 7: Support Network

by Charles Day

174. In what ways do you perceive relationships with people you knew prior to confinement to evolve over the course of your imprisonment?

Relationships I knew with people prior to confinement, they’ve evolved being incarcerated so long to either meaningful, ongoing relationships, that want to see me succeed at my aspirations or goals, or they’re no longer around. A lot of them not being around anymore is due to my choosing to serve and live for G-d versus the world.

175. In what ways have you nurtured support networks during the time you’ve served thus far?

Before being incarcerated I never knew anything about support networks. I’ve only come to know of them in the past 2 1/2 years and cultivating these types of networks. What i do now to nurture these types of networks is walking transparently; in my integrity and truth in trying to be a better person and a real individual to those are around me and support me.

176. In what ways will the support network you have in place now contribute to your success upon release?

It will only contribute as much as I’m willing to put into it, since this consists of my life I would hope that those that surround me and those that consist of my support network would feel the same about the purpose and objective we have to change peoples’ lives.

177. In what ways would you build a strong support network while you climbed through years of imprisonment?.

The same way that I walk today, I believe that the people that surround me do so because of what they seek, not because of what I say. Consistency is essential and anyone’s professed lifestyle, the Apostle Paul said, “I discipline my body, lest when I preach to others I myself may become disqualified.” So I have to practice what I preach. In doing this my support network is strengthened as time goes on.

178. In what ways do support networks or the lack of support networks influence prison adjustments?

Support networks influence prison adjustment because that’s what they do: support you. They influence adjustments based on how an individual wants to emerge from prison and what their goals are. It’s influenced my prison adjustment significantly seeing that those that surround me are not only successful, but also want to see me succeed. For myself and those around me we have the same heart as far as reaching those that are less fortunate and helping them overcome their adversities. The lack of support network would consist of everything opposite and chances are that without it or the knowledge of how to cultivate such relationships would render a person less fortunate during incarceration.

179. To what extent are the values that those in your support network embrace harmonious with the values you profess to embrace?

As I said before, all those that surround me have the same objectives that I do. There’s a law that says you are what you attract or birds of a feather flock together. And so I would hope that those round me are harmonious with my same values and morals that I profess, because that’s what I want to attract and that’s what I want others to see, especially those that we want to help.

180. What steps are you taking now to build or nurture your support network?

I’m continuing to take advantage of any opportunity that would strengthen my ability in accomplishing our objective. I meet regularly with those who have come along side me and we regularly discuss and go over how we can better prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. i believe for myself and for those that surround me, my support network, that communication is essential and a must.

181. In what ways can those in your support network facilitate your aspirations?

By conveying what’s it in our hearts and the things that are layed on our hearts toward those we are trying to reach to better equip us. We need this so that we know how to convey it to those that are laid in our path. Through our communicating with one another all of our aspirations come into alignment and we are able to serve one another accordingly and facilitate each other’s aspirations and also know what we might be able to do to fulfill the aspirations of others around us.

182. In what ways is your support network helping you now?

The support network helps me by providing support, encouragement, and camaraderie to push through obstacles that may try to hinder the progress that we are trying to make collectively. They help with expertise from years of experience being well established business men. The Bible says that, ” In the multitude of counselors wise decisions are made”. This is a wise and valid saying. It’s authenticated through my interactions those that consist of my support my support network.

183. What level of allegiance do you pledge to your support network?

To always, with the ability that the Lord has blessed me with, to live transparently and in integrity and truth. To do all that is asked and required of me, and then more, to meet the needs of those less fortunate, and to give my all to the divine desire the Lord has instilled within my heart in bringing all goals, both long and short term into fruition. God willing, and He is.

184. What incremental action steps can you to take to bring people you do not currently know into your life?

Since I live a life devoted to serving the Lord. I incrementally take steps cultivating relationships with those whose hearts consist of the same attributes and characteristics as mine. I need not work hard to bring people of this sort to myself. You attract what you are, and those whose hearts are on the same page as mine, see my heart and walk and we are drawn to one another. As this takes place, we come along side one another to conquer the goals and tasks at hand, one at a time, making treadway at the success to training up leaders to overcome their adversities by leading by example.

185. What thoughts do you have about people who would be most influential to your possibilities for success upon release? 186. Who are they? 187. What interests do they have? & 188. How can you make them aware of your aspirations?

I have thoughts of peace and a sense of it. I sincerely believe that each person that has been brought into my path is due to devine encounters orchestrated to bring what the Lord has instilled in my heart to fruition and influential persons that encourage and enhance the success are of the same heart and mind as I am. They are men and women who have been faced with extreme trials, troubles, and tribulations, throughout their lives. They’ve been less fortunate, empty and all to come to the saving knowledge of Christ in which their deliverance came or is being manifested in the overcoming of each of their own adversities. They are overcomers, full of love and dedicated. Their dedication stems from what they have come from and the deliverance and power to overcome. Their interests are a product of this. They’ve envisioned in their hearts and lives the interest in helping those who come or are in the same or relative circumstances to learn or see their ability to live successful, productive lives. To learn that everyone has the ability not to let their circumstances dictate the outcome of their lives. It is this attitude and commitment I have made in my own life and me walking in the integrity of it and truth the reality of what I believe that has caused the awareness of my aspirations to the brothers and sisters that have come along beside me in this vision and for me with them as well. You attract what you are.

189. What impression would your adjustment through prison thus far make upon them?

It isn’t necessarily what impression “would” be made, it is the one that has been made that has caused the same attributes that work in and through to me to draw the ones to me, and me to them, who are of the same.

190. In what ways are you working to cultivate mentors?

As I have grown in my walk and newness of life. I ‘ve learned to surround myself with positive, influential and successful persons’ that want to see me succeed as well. As I continue on this course and attract what I am striving to become, others that have already attained, see my efforts and come along side me.

191. In what ways does your behavior or activities within prison boundaries influence your relationships?

Walking transparently in integrity and in truth, my relationships in these circumstances continue to grow and flourish.

192. How would you assess the preparations and commitment your closest acquaintances make to a law-abiding, successful life upon release?

I would have to say those that surround me are more than prepared to re-enter society and “continue” to be successful. Their commitments to such are evident through their same transparent lives.

193. If you were to receive a disciplinary infraction, in what way would that influence the support network you’re striving to cultivate?

It wouldn’t! For years I have been and learning to walk in my integrity. Because of this, in the event that an infraction might occur, it would be due to the principles and values that I profess to live by, and my uncompromising spirit to succumb to satisfying illegitimate reasoning of those in authority. My morals and values consist of walking in righteousness as much as one is able to in so much as he is lead. To be able to discern between right and wrong and choose right, even if it means persecution.

194. What relevance does the phrase “It’s not what you know but who you know” have to you?

To some degree it’s validity stands true. At the same time however, in some cases it’s not who you know, but what you know. Either way, it would depend on the circumstances. IN a spiritual aspect, the saying is flawlessly accurate. It is ONLY who you know that you will inherit eternal life and the strength to persevere through this one with lasting fruits. And it is ONLY through KNowing the ONE, CHRIST.

195. To what extent would your actions show that you’re conscious of the influence others have on your prospects for success upon release?

I would hope this is obvious as my relationships with others that come along side me do so do to my heart. Those that do associate and are part of what my life now consists of are wonderful people, and my actions with them prove my consciousness of their influence. However each knows that I am not looking for a hand out, but an opportunity to become and due all that God has prepared me to do, and they are mere vessels that He is using to bring them and I in align with the divine aspiration that He has instilled within me. Our goals are in line with one anothers and that is to glorify God in all of them, as they come into fruition.

196. How can a prisoner open more opportunities to broaden his network of support?

One way would be to share his aspirations with others or he could also exercise his social skills and investigate possible persons of interest that may be able to offer support as well. Most of all be conscious of your surroundings and conversations to be able to gain the most from and utilize information or resources available.

197. How would your transition to society change if you had a job offer in place before your release?

Significantly, for most individuals’ perspective. Not to be egotistical, but I anticipate having employment long before release and plans for career opportunities as well.

198. What steps will you begin taking now to broaden, nurture, and protect your support network each week that you remain in prison?

The same steps I’ve been taken that strengthened it to the point it is now and continues to. We meet and go over all ventures and goals and set new ones for those we meet incrementally.

199. How will you hold yourself accountable?

I do so by asking those in my support networks, as well as family and friends, to hold me accountable to what’s required of me also to the values and transparency I profess to live by and walk in.

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