Charles Day/ Personal Journal Entry

by Charles Day

August 24, 2012

Alot of things going on right now, as the nearing of my graduation draws near. Along with my courseware, I am, along with the rest of the group, re-writing the applications and packets for those potentially able to be part of the outreach group. We have renamed the group,” THOSE OUTSPOKEN”, and at the presentation expound on what we are outspoken about. As the Chairman, I am sure to make sure that the group in its entirety is involved with every aspect of what is going on. Alot of the influential memebers are getting ready to leave to the RDAP program, and a new wave of men are becoming a part of Those Outspoken. Right now I am trying to focus on trying to get some men involved that have some HISTORY in gang affiliation and the things that pertain to that lifestyle. But it can’t be just anyone. They HAVE TO have a heart for the youth and the desire to ultimately reach and impact them to influece the change necessary to change their direction in life and pursue a new attitude toward life and acheiving success in it.

Also, my wonderful daughter is in her second week of High School. I am sssoooooo proud of her and how she is totally thriving. She was asked, she did not have to ask, but was pursued by teachers and coaches to play basketvball for her highshool. That is totally awesome, and I am very fortunate and blessed above all else to have such an amazing duaghter. Each day in all that I attempt to accomplish, I do so from the inspiration that she gives me to do so, by how hard she strives to accomplish the tasks before her. I long for the day to come where I can congratulate her to her face and embrace her a the proud father that I am.

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