Colin Walsh/ Personal Journal Entry: 4 Years

by Colin Walsh

Four years ago at this very moment, I was sitting in a 7×10 jail cell all alone in the county jail. It had only been weeks since the incident that landed me there in jail. All alone in the jail cell, I realized there was no one to blame but myself. This is the moment when I finally woke up.

It was at this time that I made the commitment to change the person that I was, and to begin striving to become the person I should be. This is when my journey began.

Since then I have walked a straight line on this journey. The road ahead is definitely windy and bumpy, but as long as I stay on the road I will get to the final destination. I know that I will get there.

The commitment I made four years ago I still stick to today. I didn’t make it for anyone else but myself. Everyday, I walk in line with this commitment, and it guides me through every choice I make.

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