Colin Walsh/ Personal Journal Entry: 440th Day in Prison

by Colin Walsh

As I check my daily log, I realize that this is my 440th day in prison. I realize now, that this time away from friends and family, has been the longest time I have ever been this far from home. Looking back, I realize that this alone is a great accomplishment. Not only did I complete almost 500 consecutive days away from family and friends, but I faced it with dignity, and grew through it. Even though, the massive hardships that I face daily, I didn’t crumble and grow bitter, or even despondent. I feel that I became better in this time. I believe that these 440 days, have been the greatest period of growth in my entire life.

As I continue on my prison journey, I will continue to follow this same road. Even if the road gets windy and bumpy, I will stay on track. At the end of the journey I will have completed almost 1300 days of confinement. But these days won’t be served in vain. They will all aggregate into success.

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