Colin Walsh/ Personal Journal Entry: Emerging from Prison Successfully

by Colin Walsh

November 5, 2011

Emerging Successfully From Prison:

The general term success is relative to one’s own interpretation of success. Many individuals interpret the word success as being a status symbol, based mainly on personal wealth. As for me, I personally don’t base success solely on external wealth, but on internal values, without internal values external possessions are meaningless and worthless.

Through my experience of prison, I personally witnessed firsthand that success cannot be determined by what one owns. Everyday I witness self proclaimed “successful”, former millionaires and CEO’s Of big companies. These individuals Lose every possession. Then they crumble under the pressure that imprisonment imposes. They just give up and spend their sentence sleeping, desperately hoping that time will somehow accelerate. On the other side of the same coin are some former drug dealers, who also considered themselves successful. They boast day in and day out about all of the expensive: cars, clothes, house and women that they once had. They too lose everything through  prison and now lack the skills and knowledge to move anywhere but backwards. During their sentence they waste their time building useless skill, and playing table games, and sports. Do these examples really personify success?

I believe that success is different. I see success as an  attribute based on internal values. not as a status symbol, based on external wealth.
Even now as I sit in prison at the lowest point in my life, I posses very little and have virtually 0 money of my own, I still consider myself successful. Every small achievement that I make everyday is a positive step toward my future. Everyday I build skills and work hard in preparation for my future, to me that is a good example of success.

Upon release I will continue to follow the same path. As long as I follow my roadmap of planned goals and my values from within, never give up and always take positive steps forward, I will always be successful. Regardless of my  financial position. I firmly believe that if I maintain this attitude and practice these principles and values, everything else in life will follow suit.

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  1. Inmate's Mom says:

    Dear Colin,
    Make the internal man the best he can be, it is never too late to do that. My son who is now 28 is also in FBOP and been in there 4 1/2 years of his 10 year sentence. This has definately a wake up call to find out what kind of man he wants to be when he gets out. Hang in there and though you might not hear from many people, we’re out here reading your posts.

    Inmates Mom

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