Colin Walsh/ Personal Journal Entry: October 14, 2011

by Colin Walsh

Colin Walsh’s note to Justin Paperny expressing his enthusiam over Straight-A Guide program:

Hey Justin,

Just wanted to send you a quick message to give you an update.

A few weeks ago I received a book called the 7 habits of highly effective people. I am assuming that it was from you, That book was great and now I can see where Michael has gotten a lot of his knowledge. That book was probably one of the best books I have read in my life. I am guessing that you are familiar with it.

I received triumph. On the 10th and I have read through it. It was very inspiring and expertly written. I was very impressed. I would like to congratulate Michael on a terrific job.

The book helped me to keenly focus and regain a transparent perspective. As you know, it is a complete shock coming here. The environment seems unreal, Almost as if it were another world. I see how it is easily possible to get sucked up into the negative “prison culture”. I personally see day to day the negative things that were portrayed in the book. It seems to be the same here as it is anywhere else in the system.

I personally try to do the complete opposite and personify the Straight A guide to the fullest. I spend every second as constructively as I possibly can. Each day working harder than the last to progress closer to success.

I am now ready to continue forth on this journey, with Michael, yourself, and all of the others enrolled in the program. What is my next step?

Thank you Justin, for your continued support. You are doing a really great thing.


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