Craig Payton/ Personal Journal Entry: January 1st Goals

by Craig Payton

On January 1st I wrote up a list of current goals to go after.  I post them today after having finished the first section of the Straight A Guide work book.  Section two is about Goals so it seems perfectly appropriate to post this now.

As a side note I have completed questions 16-61, but only posted the answer to question #16 so far.  Much more to come.

Each goal will be preceded by the value category within which it fits.

Value Categories










Will be defined as meeting my goals which are based upon my values, refining these goals and reaching for the next steps defined by reaching goal landmarks.



Do 50 pushups without stopping – Tested at 32 several weeks ago

15 bar dips in a set   (achieved @ 2-5-12)

10 pull ups test.  Best test at 6-7.

Bring my weight down to under 182 lbs.  (weighed 191 on 1-1-2012)

Spritual Integration/Fitness

Practice Taiji every day of 2012 at least one set.  Plan to add other mind/body practice goals as the year progresses.  For January my goal is set at doing at least some other practice in addittion to the Taiji, such as qigong warmups, Qidao basic movement, qigong forms, etc.  (will blog about these perhaps obscure practices some time down the line).


Complete Straight A Guide workbook by March 1st 2012.  (This goal seems absurdly ambitious and I will not be able to meet it at this point 2-17-12 currently.  However this ambitious goal has led me to make significant progress).


rise not later than 5 AM every morning.


Will call family 2 of 3 days every month (we are limited to 300 minutes per month).

Will write family every day


I will keep reaching out to stay connected with my children in every way possible and to demonstrate my committment to supporting them in every way; emotionally, educationally, socially, spiritually.

I will continue to make demands upon my children to set and reach goals in school.  I will demand excellence, promote goal achievement and student leadership.  i wil continue to have them ask the question “What have I done for my Mother today?” or “What can I do for my Mother today?”.  Also adding “what can I do for my family today”


Will do book review/reports on every non fiction book I read.  I will publish them in the Straight A Guide, unless I feel the subject to be too arcane, potentially overly controversial or too outside the mainstream.  I will still write on all books I read regardless of publication as a method to improve my writing skills.

I will reach out to all current friends on my network on a regular basis.  As of this week ( originally written on 1-1-2012) my goal is set at sending email to at least one friend every week.  I plan to ratchet up this goal month to month.

Spiritual Integration

Do daily meditation practice.

I will leave this loosely defined for now as I have training in many different methods and traditions.  Even 5 minutes of practice will count towards this goal.  Achieving the cumulative benefit of DAILY practice is the goal.


I will daily demonstrate to my wife that ours is the #1 most important relationship in my life.  I will support her every effort as much as is possible given the limitations of my circumstances.


I wil continue my research into educational opportunities by:

Interviewing those in camp who have experience pursuing education inside prison.

Exploring how to achieve college credit for life experience and test challenging for credit.

Progress in this goal will be measured by interviewing at least two people and ordering two college brochures by end of January 2012.  I will get a copy of my college transcript sent to me by the end of January.


I will work on my writing at least 30 minutes each day.  This includes book reviews, fiction, Straight A guide and eventually blog writing.


I will maintain a log book tracking all of these goals.

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