Darrell Tatum/ Class 4: Life Management Skills

by Darrell Tatum

105. How would you define your life management skills?

I had a 100% commitment to my janitorial company.  I started from the bottom with one contract.  After showing my skills for a glass looking floor, I drew a lot of attention for floor contracts.  I made all the necessary decisions.  I worked hard, day in, day out to get where I was going.

106. What types of decisions influence how you will emerge from prison?

I made the decision to focus on my company and strive for whatever positive that is in store for me.  A decision to keep all negative aspects away from me that will blind me from what I’m trying to achieve.

107. In what ways does your daily schedule determine your potential for success upon release?

By my keeping on track and follow a daily schedule, will keep me not only on time, but in tact of the things I need to complete that day.

108. How do personal relationships influence our prospects for success?

It helps me especially when it’s someone positive and going the same way I’m going.

109. How can we cultivate and nurture personal relationships that may prove helpful through our prison journey and beyond?

I like to take notes from positive business-minded people.  I use these notes on investments or other helpful things that once I get, I’ll put them to use along with the business plans I’m working on.

110. In what ways did Michael’s decisions at the beginning of his term lead to the opportunities that opened for him through the decades he served?

He stayed focus with a positive attitude.  He made the right approach and respectfully handle himself as a human being.

111. In what ways have the decisions you made from the day of your arrest influenced your life today?

The decision that I made wasn’t the best, but now it has influenced me in a different way ’cause I’m away from my love ones, but it has made me stronger to be more aware of the decisions that I make.  I should think them out more ’cause coming here isn’t what’s up!

112. How would you compare and contrast the initial adjustment decisions of two prisoners who offered their profiles?

I compare from their background: Everybody comes from a different background and had different choices that they made.  Some was forced, but most of them just plain out bad decisions.

113. In what ways does your prison adjustment compare or contrast with the individuals profiled?

I adjusted myself as to be around positive individuals.  There is a lot of negative, but I stray away and keep my mind on the main things of life.

114. In what ways does your prison adjustment compare or contrast with the type of career trajectory that Greg Reyes or some of the other successful businessmen described?

I stay trying to find different individuals that has different skills, investments or positive images that I can learn from.  It’s never too much knowledge!  I’m a businessman myself and I like to find different trades that I can learn or invest in.

115. What steps can you take in the time that spans between now and your release date to prepare for a law-abiding, fulfilling life?

I have already mapped out a lot to be a law-abiding person, but what I mainly done was to readjust my thinking.  I took steps as far as just learning to struggle to get what I need instead of just getting it by any means.  I took another step to do hands on more on my janitorial company.

116. In what ways are your interactions with others in prison and beyond purposeful?117. How do your interactions with others relate to the individual you aspire to become?

I’m talking with positive people who made mistakes like me, but was successful businessmen. I take notes on various trades. I inquire on everything I can soak up.

117. How do your interactions with others relate to the individual you aspire to become?

I’m to become very successful, so I learn more by listening to some people whom have strived to get where they’re at now.  I learn not to be greedy about anything  forcing negative image.

118. What types of activities, interests, and discussions motivate or inspire your closest acquaintances?

I have a couple of acquaintances that is interested in investing into the commercial cleaning business that I have.  I have a couple who likes the promoting entertainment that I used to do.

119. In what ways will the relationships you cultivate help or hinder your aspirations?

It will keep me motivated to do the right thing!

120. If Red had a stable job with opportunities for growth, what do you suppose would have tempted him to revert to crime?

Being around negative friends.  Trying to show that he isn’t scared, which are bad decisions that he made!

121. In what ways could a prisoner manage his life to persuade prospective employers that he lives by different values from men like Red?

Staying focused and being patient!  Think first about their kids, wife/girlfriend, mom!

122. How does an individual’s diction influence perceptions?

I feel that he speaks what he really want to do in life, but it’s always something that he judges among himself.

123. How does an individual’s personal grooming and presentation influence opportunities?

A person’s personal grooming and presentation shows what type a person he is.  How he can handle any situation.

124. With regard to the attitude attribute of the Straight-A Guide, what does it mean to make a 100 percent commitment?

To me, showing a 100% commitment means a lot.  That’s a big turnaround and if you don’t have a strong willpower, you won’t make it.  You must invest in the goals 100% to what you want to achieve.

125. How would you assess your acquaintances with regard to the attitude attribute of the Straight-A Guide?

Right now, if a person isn’t on the same level that I’m on as far as a 100% commitment to positive goals, then I don’t indulge myself with them.  I stray away ’cause I don’t want any bad judgments rub off on me.  I have a couple of people here that I deal with that are on some Straight-A-shit!  We all want to stay out of prison, but we have to do all the positive things to stay out.

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