Darrell Tatum/ Class 3: Accountability

by Darrell Tatum

97. Describe your thoughts on whether accountability logs would help, hinder, or provide indifferent to your opportunities for success upon release.

They help because I know if I am on track. If I set a goal I write it down then track it.

98. In what ways will probation officers respond to efforts you’ve made at documenting your values, goals, and commitment to preparing for a law-abiding life upon release?

I hope they appreciate all the steps I have taken to prepare for release. Rather than tell them, I can show them how hard I worked.

99. Elaborate on ways that full transparency with regard to your prison adjustment through accountability logs can influence potential employers or support networks.

I have accepted responsibility for my crime and work to better myself. I have been held accountable, and my record proves I am working for a better life I think that is clear.

100. Describe the role accountability logs played in their success:

They are like a compass keeping me on track. That is the key. I know where I am going because my logs show me. Every prisoner should use them.

101. How do universities evaluate which students to admit?

Grades, test scores, references, writing ability.

102. What information do creditors consider when deliberating on whether to extend loans?

Past credit, trustworthiness, references, income, job.

103. What governs investment decisions that people make?

Learning about the markets tells me I will safe and invest in a way that is conservative but also allows for some growth. I must safe when I get home.

104. How do your responses to the above questions support or refute the value of accountability logs?

They prove they work. They keep me on track. I am not floating which is the key. I can always refer to them and I know an employer will appreciate it. I follow through.

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