David Gonzalez/ Class 1: Values

by David Gonzalez

16. Who are you?

I am man that has taken the transformational stages of a butterfly.  The old man was like a caterpillar dragging through life because of his lack of knowledge and copping skills.  Not having a objective mindset, do to his early childhood experiences.  Childhood….. one day I was about 7, and I heard a loud bang outside of the window.  As a boy, I thought it was fireworks, but when I looked it was my Dad laying on the floor from being shot in the head, foaming from the mouth, 30 years later still could recall the memory.  That and many events transpired after that, that lead to a mindset of quickly answering every issue of life with pure emotion, and absolutely no objectivity.  My Mom, played both parts as a Mom and Dad to the best of her ability, and give her a A+, but children without Fathers due suffer a vitally bad gap in their life.  I recommend the movie Courageous, because it truly exemplifies fatherhood, and a call to duty.

Now, while in prison (my cocoon), the transformation began when I accepted the Lord Jesus in my life.  I know it sounds religious and all.  But truly that was the point that my whole perception in life changed.  I started adapting the principals that were in the Bible.  I was never into reading, but when I was intrigued by the knowledge and principals in the Word of God, it was like giving water to a thirsty soul.  Here, eight years later, I can truly see a amazing transformation.  Why? I am healed from the past, not fearful of the future, but am able to be still and calm even through this storm.  Its hard to place it in words, but even at my current situation, sentence to Life, in a penitentiary, I have such a calm outlook, and truly hopeful to be out really, really soon.  And that is a heartfelt realistic expression as to what I feel within, as some say a gut feeling.  I truly cant wait to break out of this cocoon a fly, and show the world what the All Mighty has done in my life.  Especially with the mind of a engineer He has given me.  One invention is called Matthew 5:16, named after a scripture verse.  This invention is a self rechargeable generator, which operates on rechargeable battery and magnetic energy.  Not only was I given the invention but the financial backing to engineer it, manufacture it, and other secures such as marketing.  As my pledge when I received such invention, was to tithe 90% of the proceeds to mankind.  I say mankind because religion isolates, and love pours out like a stream to whom ever is willing to drink from it.

17. Describe your background with regard to your education, vocation or career, troubles with the law.

My education, High School graduate from Buffalo New York.  Also have college course in Medical technician, but am truly dedicate in engineering products that help humanity, for a more safe and reliable atmosphere.  Such as sharing key information like eating apple seeds that have B17 which helps fight cancer.  Able to tithe into truly finding cures, and not just treatments.  My trouble with the law was based out of pure emotion, drug possession, not having a objective mindset.  Not having a mindset to truly rationalize life as whole not just seconds.

18. What are you going through now?

Just being prayerful to have the patients to await my Exodus….

Describe your vision of the best person you can become during the following time frames:

19. Time remaining to serve.

They say life, I feel more month at most, for not only are there two doors presented to me, one being public law, to which my current petitions are in Court for my prior 95CR10,96CR1333, and my current 1:04CR328.  I was blessed to see a double jeopardy issue, to which the judgment and commitment order has the wrong charges on its face, forming a clerical error.  Also my current case of life, was because of this one prior, split in two because it has two case numbers.  Once the prior gets dismissed, the current case goes way down to 10 years.  But then, my current case was from May 27, 2004, and when they sentenced me the law changed leaving them no room to truly lawfully sentence me, because the law during the time of the arrest is void.

20. One month after release.

21. One year after release.

22. Five years after release.

23. How do those in society perceive people in prison?

24. Describe how television programs and movies depict prisoners:

25. Compare and contrast your prison adjustment with the prison stereotype.

26. In what ways is your adjustment similar?

27. In what ways is your adjustment different?

Describe what opportunities for personal growth and development exist in the different prison security levels:

28. High security.

29. Medium security.

30. Low security.

31. Minimum security.

32. Prior to release, what do prisoners generally say about their prospects for returning?

33. In what ways, if any, do those who never return to prison serve their sentences differently from those who do return to prison?

34. What steps can a prisoner take to improve chances of success upon release?

Sentence length is not a factor that is controlled from within prison, but adjustment inside prison may influence success upon release. For a better understanding of prison expectations, describe your thoughts on:

35. What length of time would you consider long-term imprisonment?

36. What expectations do those in society have for long-term prisoners?

37. What expectations do you suppose long-term prisoners have for themselves?

38. What do prison administrators and staff members expect of long-term prisoners?

39. How would you define a “model inmate”?

40. How does Michael’s prison journey support or refute prison stereotypes?

41. What role did the prison infrastructure play in influencing Michael’s journey through prison?

42. What vision governed Michael’s decisions as a prisoner?

The Straight-A Guide includes seven attributes that he describes explicitly in the books Triumph!  And Success! What do the following attributes mean to you?

43. Attitude: What level of commitment do you make to preparing for success upon release?

44. Aspiration: Where do you see yourself at various checkpoints in the future?

45. What distinguishes an aspiration from a fantasy?

46. Action: What steps are you taking toward aspiration?

47. Accountability: How are you measuring progress?

48. Awareness: How knowledgeable are you about the atmospherics around you?

49. In what ways do you reach beyond the boundaries that currently confine you?

50. What do you know about the challenges that will confront you upon release?

51. Achievement: When do you celebrate success?

52. Appreciation: What role do others have in your success?

53. Where did those choices lead?

54. What did you value then?

55. How would you guide your children if they were making choices in the same way?

56. What would you do differently if you could?

57. Describe the differences in your life today from the first days of your confinement.

58.  How have your activities from last week led to your activities for this week?

59. Identify the values by which you live.

60. To what extent do your daily activities harmonize with the values by which you live?

61. How do your professed values relate to your perceived role in society?

62. Where does your allegiance lie?

63. Are values situational or absolute?

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