GEO Care Residential Reentry Center

by Phillip Jamison

After serving my incarceration, I’ve been required to spend a total of 6 months in a GEO Care RRC (Residential Reentry Center) AKA halfway house.  In spite of the fact that the RRC is an old Victorian house.  The conditions are still strict and fall under F.B.O.P. jurisdiction and rules are tightly enforced…  I’d like to describe the situation here to be like “Quicksand”.  For this reason, a resident only has a 30 day window to acquire full-time employment, full-time schooling or both – integrated together to make full-time.  If one shall not succeed, then he or she will be required to involve themselves in volunteer work for a mandatory 32+ hours a week.  With this being said, that small window of opportunity to gain employment slowly closes and they’ll be granted only one day a week to seek employment, ergo sinking neck deep into greater issues… When these circumstances arise – like a fork in the road, the right choice and the proper investment decision is required.  Do I conduct criminal behavior to gain income when the outcome of going back to prison is high, or do I assess the situation and use the tools I’ve gained through the SAG? I utilize the support network I’ve cultivated as a prisoner to support and assist me and getting things done…  Like I once said “the vision of the future must be built on the strength of the past.”

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