James Hunt/ Class 2: Goals

by James Hunt

64. What values might lead a person to success upon release from prison?:

Desire- to want it. Industriousness-willing to work for it, towards it. Discipline- to stay the course. Self-esteem- having the confidence in yourself.

65. How does a person ever become his values?:

By making the words into an action, which will happen everyday.

66. How does a person strengthen his integrity?:

I use to measure my love by my willingness to die for a person, such as the love of my friends and child, I would die for what I love, but I know now, its a love with out a responsibility. To say I would or will live for those I love, requires more of an effort, harder work and holds me accountable, but to live for her despite of everything, is to become stronger.

67. What immediate challenges will a prisoner confront the day his prison term expires?:

That they are now responsible to maintain themselves and everything has a cost. Food , shelter, everything. On top of that, you will have to have some income to get it to keep your head above water.

68. Housing:


69. Household furnishings:


70. Clothing:


71. Transportation:


72. Incidentals:


73. How much in the way of financial resources should a prisoner expect to need in the way of financial resources to transition to society?:

That depends on what type of situation a person is returning to. Does he have supportive family, housing to go to after release? Things in place that will allow him time to get an income going. For a lot of us, people don’t think about the financial part of it. Most have wasted money and barley get it in, being that they were the main bread winners. They or we make it in here.

74. How will prospective landlords, employers, creditors, and others in society respond to an individual who discloses his criminal record(s) and history of imprisonment?:

It depends on how you present yourself and if they are will to give you a chance. I would rather have my mind focused on figuring out a way to generate an income for a service I provide and rely on what I am able to do.

Describe the job market in the sectors for which you would like to find employment::

75. What range of income does the market offer?:

for entry an entry level trucker, you will start at about 32- 45 thousand a yr driving.

76. What level of education or experience do candidates for such employment typically have?:

CDL, 6 months driving exp

77. In what ways will a prison record influence possibilities for employment?:

My prison record will always be the animal in the room. My job is to find a way to convey why my past is a benefit. What I am able to do and bring to the table.

78. Where is the general employment rate in your community?:

Average rate

79. How would you expect the general employment rate to compare with the unemployment rate for people with your background, considering prison record, educational record, and experience?:

one thing that makes me feel confident is, the shortage of truckers that the industry has and is facing.

80. How much time do you anticipate needing between your release date and securing the job you expect to land?:

By the time that I am released to sup- release, I should already be going or enrolled in school for my cdls. If I am able to and I will find out as I get closer to completing my time, I will do what I am able to while I am in here.

81. If halfway house placement requires forfeiture of 25 percent of gross earnings, of your monthly take-home pay, how much do you anticipate you will keep during the time you’re in the halfway house?:

That’s a hard hit and I plan to so somewhere like 4 months and in that time, I plan to say at least 2500. make it with in six months and that will be enough to help me off set the cost of paying for my school for cdls.

82. What do statistics show that average households in America earn each year?:


83. How so you anticipate your income will compare with that average one year after your release from prison?:

one yr after release, I plan to be in the the 38 a yr range. My main goal with that yr will be able to save at the least 16000 for the yr.

84. What emotions do we introduce when we obsess on issues beyond our ability to influence?:

feeling powerless, rage, frustration which attacks your self-esteem causing you to become depressed.

85. How can we overcome the despair that accompanies imprisonment?:

Hold on to see where and how we wish to see ourselves after it is over and walk and work everyday towards that.

Michael wrote about the numerous ways that his behavior could lead to the extension of his prison term or the aggravation of his prison conditions. No one wants to serve longer prison terms or serve sentences under harsher conditions. :

86. What types of behavior lead to such outcomes?:

Trying to fit in, being accepted and allow yourself to be manipulated. Allowing yourself to make the same blind, or lacking in foresight decisions that got you here. Not paying attention to whats going on around you at all time.

87. How do harsher prison conditions influence an individual’s ability to prepare for success upon release?:

When you sit around and look at the life you are living in here, you have to tell your self that it is better then this, it gets better. To know that is to ask your self what is it that you can do to not return here, what is the the best position you can place yourself  in to win.

88. How does behavior that leads to harsher prison conditions influence the lives of those in our support network?:

It makes it seems as if you still have not got “it”, as in you still take life to be a joke and have not learned anything.

89. Although the prison system offered ways to lengthen a prison term or aggravate the conditions under which a prisoner served his sentence, what objective mechanisms exist within the system for a prisoner to distinguish himself in a positive way?:

In the WAY that for every negative you see in here, how all is against you, there is a positive if you seek it out, if only  the self confidence in yourself to maintain your sanity and overcome to better yourself in the process.

90. How then does the system encourage individuals to work toward reconciling with society, prepare for law-abiding lives upon release, or earn freedom?:

It doesn’t. I saw the president speak tonight and thought wow, some of what he said, concerning the training of people for special job markets, could become the new mission statement for Bop/

91. Describe the goals you have set?:

I have set the goal of writing 10 pgs a week on my manuscript, I am walking and jogging, to eventually build myself up to start working out. Continue to read and stay up to date on the trucking industry. Save money as it comes in and work with that sense of urgency

92. Describe how your goals relate to your professed values?:

the desire is there for me to better my life, I do that by being industrious working towards it and keeping the discipline to stick to it and it effects the way that I feel about myself.

93. How clearly can you gauge your level of success toward each goal you set?:

By keeping a chart to see and measure how far I have come and meeting my expectations.

94. In what ways does one goal lead to the next?:

AFTER one is met, you move on to another but you do it one at a time or in small steps so you will not get overwhelmed with how much you are not able to do.

95. If you achieve all of your goals, how will they influence your prison adjustment?:

they empower me, make me feel as if I am now a active participant in the drivers seat of my life, give me power over what I have influence over, my actions, my mind  and me.

96. How will the goals you set influence your prospects for success upon release?:

it becomes a habit, thinking in for the long term, seeing your position and what’s to come and preparing for it. Learning how to make better decisions, learning what matters to you and what you value.


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