James Hunt/ Personal Journal Entry

by James Hunt


My algebra teacher is a tax attorney who broke the law. He’s also great at teaching. With curiosity and an interest to see what I could learn about his release plans I asked him, “what do you plan to do when you get out?”

With a deadpanned look, he paused. Then came the honesty,” I really don’t know, I’ve not given it any thought”, he said.

Well, something you could consider, is tutoring and teaching”, I said. ” You’re great at it, as well as patient in a way that has been long forgotten. Your tact in making one feel confident that they can and will get it, instead of becoming frustrated speaks volumes of your ability”.

“Man, you think I can do it”, he asked.

“Not only do I think you can do it, I think you’ve been preparing to do it for a while. Look at how you’ve spent your last few years, teaching, tutoring and you’ve come to be great at it, you enjoy it and it does not seem as if its work for you. Its like its a personal challenge to you, to see in what way are you able to get this person to learn.”

“It will be hard”, he said.

“Not as hard as it will be, if you don’t take the time out to figure out what you plan to do. I have a book I want you to read. Michael Santos wrote it. Its speaks of people who came into the system just like you, and like you, they had to search to find their way, a new way”.

“When can you get it to me?” he asked.

“Soon as we leave class, I’ll get it for you”.

So began my quest to make the Straight-A Guide part of this institution. Since, I have spoken to the person who runs the education dept. here, I have told her what the program is about, and asked if she be willing to order all the books offered by the Michael G. Santos Foundation. She said it would take a little time, but that she did not see why not. This is a program that is a tangible and credible way of not only providing hope, but showing you that with effort you can change your life despite whatever odds you face. It’s people such as ourselves, which have not read about the issues we face or emotions we go through, but have lived with them.

I have spoken to a few guys who are in the program that are at the camp. What’s amazing is, I ask how far are they in the profile and work book. Some say, I started but got to busy to do more. I point out, you get the best results when you give your best effort. I honestly tell them, hell, some of the questions scared me because it forces you to deal with questions you would rather not think about. They agree. We push each other and if the program becomes a part of this place, through the administration, I will, if its okay with Mr. Santos and Justin, lead the class. If not, I will still do my part and take what the program has to offer, and pass it on.

I will write with an update again soon!

James Hunt

FCI Forrest City Low

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