James Hunt/ Personal Journal Entry: New Day

by James Hunt

March 10, 2012

Rolled over in bed at 230 am this morning and my sleep was broken. I laid with my eyes closed and listened to the sound of life in prison. The multiple people snoring, passing of gas and to make matters worse, the heat is on full blast, with a floor drying fan running to circulate the air. It prison, and has been my home for the last ten years. I know that it gets better then this, btu its on me to make it better and work towards that. The results of my actions, will end up reflecting the effort I put in now. With that thought on my mind, I grabed my bag and began writting on my manuscript. I am tired of just writting, I want to be done and in order to do that, I have to put in more work. So that is my goal for the next few mothns. Stay with my lessons and write. I know it gets greater later. Ric.

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