James Hunt/ Personal Journal Entry: Take Heed

by James Hunt

May 9, 2012

Take Heed/ A Letter To My Sister

You have always been like a little sister to me, and with that said, I have always loved you as one. There are so many times, that I have wanted to say things to you, but I thought it best, to let you live your life and  hopefully, with time, you would also gain a vision of what you wanted and begin making the moves to go get it. Live, what’s that? To feel as if you are alive and doing things that have significance and and purpose and brings you joy. Joy, a lasting feeling of being happy and content. You will have enough drama in your life with time and you also can control how much you are willing to allow of it. I can say, like my daughter, I want more for you, but me wanting it, means noting, if you are not able to desire it for yourself.

When the party stops and the music no longer plays a tune you can dance to, what then are you left with. When the lights come on, who will you see? You are still that sweet, respectful, quite and smart girl I know and have come to love.

You are also in a position to sit and ask yourself, what the hell is it you want out of life and not only plan, but go to work in getting it. Those streets, and the things in them will never change, years will pass and if you chose to return to them, you will find the same people, doing the same things and talking the same game that they talk.

Its fun to sell a dream to someone and have them believing something, that benefits’ their agenda. Its even easier, when they know that a person who does not know themselves or the direction of which they wish to go, and is searching for something outside of themselves to provide love, happiness, a sense of being secured.

All what you are looking for is in and of you, know that. Its time to get serious, what you put into life and living, will reflect what you value and think important. So what have the results told you thus far. Love you, your Brother Rick.

P.s Its easy to give lips service on what  has to be done, but an actions speaks a million words. I have faith in you, believe in your self.

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  1. Karen Nelson says:

    That is an awesome letter. I know it was meant for someone else but I think that a lot of people could learn from it. It took me years to figure out that only I could make myself happy. Thank you for sharing the letter.

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