John Broman/ Personal Journal Entry

by John Broman

August 16, 2012

“Just got back in from doing a “normal” day for me. yoga/meditation ALL freaking morning (It was everything i knew it would be and MORE!) went out to run all afternoon. wrote during count. hit another workout after count. Outside to walk and listen to music clearing my head. I’ve got 10 years in on the 29th. Like “holy shit. i’ve got 10 freaking years down.” but that means i’ve hit my 2/3rd mark. and i’ve made it this far. Hell, 5 more isn’t going to be anything! I’m tying up lose ends to just get rid of ALL the shit that brought me down in the first 10 won’t get me in the last 5. I got a great family and a couple good friends out there that look out for me. I’ve got it alot better than other dudes that don’t have nothing. Oh it was my celly’s birthday today. He was bummin, doesn’t really have to much and is the best celly i’ve had in the BOP, so i surprised him with some birthday stuff and dude was just happy as all hell. Good to show out the blessings when your blessed. Yep. I’ll be able to hit this next 5 like it isn’t nothing and be back living my life. (but a GOOD life this time!)”

John Broman

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