Julius Lige/ Class 6: Communication Skills

by Julius Lige

151. Describe situations you can recall when inadequate communication skills led to decreased opportunities in your life.

Possessing adequate communication skills is very important in today’s society. When pursuing business or job opportunities you are evaluated based on how well you speak. As a young adult, I recall a time my lack of communication skills caused me to miss an opportunity in my company’s sales dept.

152. Describe situations where stronger communication skills may have enhanced your prospects for success.

As I began to mature as an adult, my communication skills advanced which created opportunities for me. I can recall a situation where my effective communication and network skills allowed me to create a partnership with an individual that was very knowledgeable in the appliance installation business. Through our partnership, I enhanced my chances for success in that industry.

153. What do communication skills mean to you?

Communication skills is a necessary skillset that allows you to articulate knowledge and information from one individual to another. Possessing communication skills create opportunities therefore I continue to work towards improving my communication skills.

154. In what types of ways can improving communication skills assuage the burden of confinement?

Improving communication skills become beneficial when dealing with the burden of confinement. As a prison you must utilize all the resources that are available to make it through your prison sentence. Therefore communicating through letters, emails, social media, and phone calls, an individual can build a dependable support system for himself.

155. What types of influence do communication skills have on an individual’s prospects for success upon release?

Possessing good communication skills will enhance an individual’s prospects for success upon release. Through networking with individuals who have experience in industries you may want to pursue, job opportunities are created and relationships are established.

156. How can developing communication skills open opportunities through imprisonment?

Through the development of good communication skills, an individual can build a solid foundation establishing relationships with professional people who are in positions to open opportunities. An individual cannot allow the challenges of imprisonment to discourage his ambition to reach beyond the prison boundaries.

157. In what ways can an individual take clearly-defined, measurable steps toward improving communication skills?

An individual can take measurable steps toward improving communication skills by reading extensively, understanding the content of what they’re reading, and writing a book reports or summaries. By doing so, it provides the skillset that allows the individual to articulate ideas and express the knowledge they have learned.

158. In what ways have you taken measurable, deliberate steps to improve your communication skills?

Over the course of my adult life, I have always worked towards improving my communication skills. Now that I’m incarcerated it allows me to focus even more on becoming a better communicator. I expand my vocabulary by reading books, writing essays, and participating in public speaking programs.

159. What value do enhanced communication skills offer to a prospective employer?

Enhanced communication skills offer a prospective employer the benefit of hiring an employee with a skill that’s valuable to the company. Companies operate efficiently when individuals communicate well. Because companies have their employees interacting with customers, investors and vendors, companies place a high value on communication skills, with the purpose of maintaining good relationships.

160. How can a prisoner convey the extent of his communication skills and his personal investment to improve such skills?

As I was work towards building skills, accomplishing goals, and earning academic credentials, I understand it is important to share my work with my support system. By communicating through letters and emails, I send copies of my academic accomplishments, business ideas and documents of my completed self improvements programs.

161. How does the prison experience influence an individual’s development of communication skills?

The prison environment can influence an individual to develop poor communication skills. It’s important for an individual to focus on becoming an effective communicator. An individual cannot allow the negative language spoken in prison to hinder his development.

162. In what ways do developing communicating skills resemble the development of physical fitness?

Developing communication skills has similarities to developing physical fitness. Daily physical fitness exercise requires commitment, discipline and enthusiasm. If you apply the same values to communication exercises, such as reading, writing, listening and speaking, an individual’s ability to articulate ideas will improve.

163. What does it mean to read with a purpose?

To read with a purpose means to read literature that specifically pertains information beneficial to improving your life. Although all reading is good, I prefer to reading material that relates to building my career, expanding my spiritual knowledge, which creates opportunities.

164. Describe the pattern of books you have read throughout your term in prison. What kind are they and why do you read them?

Throughout the years of my incarceration, I have read many books I would consider to be inspirational biographies. Quiet Strength, The Secret, Think Big and Uncommon are just a few. Reading these books serves a purpose by inspiring me to improve in areas of my life that needs improvement. Also I enjoy reading business books, such as How to Establish a Group Home and Real Estate. These books offer insight on businesses I plan on pursuing.

165. In what ways do books you read prepare you for success upon release?

The books I read play a key role in preparing me for success upon release. Be reading books that expand my knowledge of subjects pertaining to my career goals, gives me the opportunity to learn the basics of that particular industry. Also, the biography books I read offer learning experiences, describing individuals who overcame setbacks in their lives similar to what I’m experiencing serving a 10 year prison sentence.

166. When you consider the amount of free time available to you on a typical day, how do you determine the most effective ways to use it toward preparations for success?

I pay close attention to how I utilize my free available time. Throughout the day I schedule time slots in which I allocate time to work on projects, such as fitness plans, business, study groups, public speaking, and financial markets. Sports have always been a part of my life, therefore I do spend time watching sports on TV. Also, I spend free time on reading and writing.

167. In what ways do you work to improve your dexterity with language, using words, sentences, and paragraphs to communicate ideas?

I work towards improving my dexterity with language when discussing business topics, world events, basically during everyday conversations. I communicate ideas through email, letters and phone conversations. It’s very important that I improve my dexterity, therefore I make a complete effort to articulate ideas intellectually at all times.

168. How would you describe the argot of the imprisoned class?

The argot of the imprisoned class is a level of communication that doesn’t meet the requirements of an individual who’s committed to living a productive law abiding life upon release. Individuals must separate themselves from the prison stereotypes by communicating intelligently and professionally.

169. In what ways does the jargon of imprisonment compare of contrast with the language in the society you expect to encounter upon release?

As an individual who has transitioned to living a vaue-based life, I expect language used in my social circle to reflect individuals who are intelligent and well spoken. The jargon of imprisonment does not means those requirements. Individuals in prison use reckless language due to the negative environment.

170. What does an individual speaker’s enunciation convey to his listeners?

An individual speaker’s enunciation convey his level of intelligence to their listeners. Well spoken individuals have the ability to articulate their words and ideas, leaving a positive impression on their listeners.

171. In what ways do an individual’s grooming habits or manner of dress communicate his values?

An individual’s grooming habits and wardrobe communicate that individual’s values and professionalism. Perception is a very important, therefore as I aspire to become a successful business, I will place a high value on presentation.

172. To what extent does documenting a prison journey communicate an individual’s commitment to success upon release?

Prisoners who have taken the necessary steps to improve their life will benefit fro documenting their prison journey. Through documenting accomplishment while in prison, an individual’s progress can be shared with people who are in a position to offer opportunities.

One of the exercises Michael embraced to develop his communication strategy included writing book reports. In Earning Freedom, he wrote that books opened opportunities that contributed in meaningful, measurable ways to prepare him for triumph over the obstacles he expected to encounter. Each book had a purpose, and to stay on course, he used the following format to write his book reports:

  • How I came across the book (title of book):
  • Why I choose to read (title of book):
  • What I learned from (title of book):
  • Ways in which (title of book) will contribute to my success upon release:

173. In what ways would writing similar book reports contribute to the development of your communication skills and preparations for success upon release?

I believe that writing similar book reports will enhance your knowledge of the information you retain from the book. Through writing, it contributes to the development of communication skills. Articulating your thoughts and translating those ideas to words is a necessary skill set that will contribute to success upon release.

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