Kalani Lautele/ Personal Journal Entry: Weekly Blog 3/26-4/1

by Kalani Lautele

There was a lot of lockdown census counts this week.  Which means everyone needed to return to their unit or work site.  Although it’s very inconvenient for those who exercise at the time of this unexpected recalls, I was never really bothered by it.  When ever I was in the middle of an exercise when the yard recall was announced, I would just continue to workout in my housing area.

In my ACE investing class, we went over types of bonds.  I’m looking to have a good percentage of municipal bonds in my financial portfolio.  I like it because of the tax advantages.

I’ve also set a new fitness goal on Mar. 24, after my birthday, to loose as much visceral fat (abdominal fat) in two to three  months.  My main focus is my dieting.  My buddy Cali, who I workout with here at Beaumont, knows a lot about weight training and dieting.  He’s coaching me to achieve my goal.  By adding light intense cardio to my workouts and a daily diet of about 2978 grams of calories, 180 – 190 grams of protein and 150 grams of carbohydrates or less, before workouts, I’ve seen immediate results.  I lost about seven to nine pounds in a week.  The only hard part about having a diet such as this is not being able to eat junk food.  The only time I’m allowed to eat any kind of junk food is once a week for an hour only.  So every Friday night would be my cheat time to eat all the sweets and carbohydrates I want, just for an hour though.  If I can stay discipline to my diet and training, I should be able to achieve my fitness goal.

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