Manuel Chavez/ Class 10: Leadership Training

by Manuel Chavez

251. What does leadership mean to you?

Strong, strength, the desire to become the best.

252. In what ways have your past decisions prepared you for leadership?

I decided in ’05, that I wasn’t strong enough to do all this time on my own. I finally got down on bended knees and God and Jesus for help. After that, my life changed considerably. My mind cleared and I came up with my inventions. If it comes to fruition the glory will be Lord’s. He has given me the hope and desire to become a leader in the community.

253. Where does leadership begin?

Leadership begins from the heart of a person. I think that most leaders are born with it.

254. In what ways can an individual measure his capacity to lead?

On his accomplishments and how he based his decisions. If the leader has good values and an open mind he will be able to reach out to many. When he communicates with many he shows his true values. Most people can spot a fraud.

255. In what ways can an individual measure his effectiveness at leadership?

At being successful at his goals. First, a leader has to have a team or a following. Once he is able to get his team to follow his outlook on his endeavors he will put his plan in to action for the betterment of the team. A good leader will be able to pick out the best of his team individuals and use them where they are needed most. He will get the job done and everyone will see it and be glad they were a part of the team’s success.

256. What does it mean to have a vision?

To have hope and goals that are reachable and to make plans to get them done.

257. How does a leader gauge the effectiveness of a plan?

He sets a course or plan of action. If he runs into problems he is able to adjust the course of his plans to be on track. He makes daily assessments towards the tasks at hand.

258. Why would leadership require accountability tools?

You have to see that your course is not going in circles and getting nothing accomplished.  And being accountable makes you sure to stay on track.

259. How would a leader make the most effective use of accountability tools?

To oversee all of he people on the team are doing their party ant to “OK” it. A leader is responsible for all of the team and their goals.

260. How would you describe leadership by example?

A good leader has risen up from the bottom. You take and individual who has made every step to where he’s been to where he’s in the leadership position, and you can see by his choices that he made, and the values he has, that, he got there by his integrity and hard work. The team will be naturally lead by his example.

261. What does leading with integrity mean to you?

that you wouldn’t put someone up to the task that you wouldn’t do yourself. And to be able to be humble when your wrong. And to show compassion and your true self to others.

262. In what ways does personal leadership require an individual to put the concerns of others ahead of his own?

As a father in prison. I’ve had all the worst of things happen to me. I keep my family’s needs before mine. I believe that with a family based life , based on love, you can conquer anything. Of course, now, I know that only “True Love” comes from God. You have to get God into your life and then, and only then, will you trust him to give you the commitment to put others ahead of your own selfish needs.

263. How can our behavior in prison influence the lives of those we ask to support or sponsor us?

They can see by your actins and achievements and accountability your progress of being “corrected”. There is no “corrections in the Bureau of Corrections. It’s all up to the individual. By behaving and self improvement it shows others that you’re on the right track.

264. When living within the restrictions of prison boundaries, where can we turn for leadership training?

By reading success stories and listening to others that have skills in business or have had leadership roles before they were incarcerated.

265. Describe an individual who has leadership skills that you admire?

He has he ability to make tough decisions and he gets the job done. I admire the President, Barak Obama in his leadership role of the United States, and the way he convenes his message to all of us to do our part that makes this the greatest country the world has ever known. I’m glad to be a part of it.

266. To what extent would emulating such leadership traits influence your prospects for success?

I will be able to get the job done. I’ll be able to reach millions of people and to convey my message. We are all in the same boat. Let’s all row in the same direction, be it the right direction and make this planet as good or better than when we had it.

267. In what ways do our day-to-day actions show our commitment to personal leadership development?

When you’re committed to getting things done, it shows on your output. Whenever you can lead by example it means you put in the work and people cans see this and think, “If he can do that, well, so can I”. I have recently made a commitment to getting into top physical shape before I’m released. Already, people are seeing a big change in my appearance and I get compliments on my exercise routine and the hard work I’m doing.

268. How can a commitment to personal leadership development while in prison influence your relationship with people you haven’t yet met?

When most people find out you were in prison they are put in a position that they are uncomfortable with. A convict knows this and he does a world of good in understanding that he or she has to become a better person through his own actions. I hope the people that I will meet in the future judge me on my achievements hat I’ve done while I’ve been incarcerated. I have many useful skills for the right company.

269. In what way can the Straight-A Guide influence your prison adjustment?

I can say that, like Michael, I made a choice a long time ago to get God into my life. To learn all that I can, and, to keep learning. I found out yesterday (4-15-12) that Odessa Tx has a petroleum college and they have certain courses that would help me substantially in my pursuit of being successful in the petroleum industry. I would like to get some sort of sponsorship so I can get the literature from them sent to me  sp that Ican get enrolled in a class to get a certificate in Casing and Cementing and Fracking etc.

270.  It has made me realize again on how short life really is.

270. In what ways can the Straight-A Guide influence your prospects for a law-abiding, contributing life upon release?

It has made me realize again on how short life really is. And through suffrage, it built my hope, with hope it built perseverance and with perseverance, Faith. Experiencing all these thing shave helped to build my character. I will become a law-abiding citizen upon release.

271. In what ways will you use the Straight-A Guide going forward?

I will keep an account of the classes I take and the books I read. I would like to acquire a journal. I will probably have to make one. When I do get the journal I will keep track of daily activities and use it as guide to help me improve myself, in order to get the job that I so desperately want.


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