Manuel Chavez/ Class 2: Goals

by Manuel Chavez

64. What values might lead a person to success upon release from prison?:

Godliness is very serious and should be a priority to everyone. I am blessed and i will be going towards my goal of owning my own business again, and then to hand it over to my son.

65. How does a person ever become his values?:

Through prayer and commitment to become a good person.

66. How does a person strengthen his integrity?:

Truthfull, deliberate, considerate living. It’s the foundation on which I stand and by which I expect from others.

67. What immediate challenges will a prisoner confront the day his prison term expires?:

Money, support, and a job.

68. Housing:


69. Household furnishings:


70. Clothing:


71. Transportation:


72. Incidentals:


73. How much in the way of financial resources should a prisoner expect to need in the way of financial resources to transition to society?:

At least $5000.00 to get started.

74. How will prospective landlords, employers, creditors, and others in society respond to an individual who discloses his criminal record(s) and history of imprisonment?:

I want to be able to face my fears and each encounter with dignity and to show people you can succeed. I don’t want to be ashamed or hurt to deeply if I am turned down/away from a job or other obstacle.

Describe the job market in the sectors for which you would like to find employment::

75. What range of income does the market offer?:

It differs from $800.00 to $1000.00 a day.

76. What level of education or experience do candidates for such employment typically have?:

4 years of college or many years on the job training, day in and days or nights out.

77. In what ways will a prison record influence possibilities for employment?:

I’ve always have held a knack for engineering. I am good with numbers. I also realized that my invention and patent for a new oilfield product will be a good asset on my chances of employment.

78. Where is the general employment rate in your community?:

Right now, the rate is very high. And he furure is expected to be even bigger.  I chose the right job in my younger days and with about 15 yrs. of drilling and completion rig experience, I should be able to fit right into a company easily.

79. How would you expect the general employment rate to compare with the unemployment rate for people with your background, considering prison record, educational record, and experience?:

I will be given the critical (stink) eye. But all I need is just one chance to prove myself. That should be enough, because people with my experience and skills are in high demand.

80. How much time do you anticipate needing between your release date and securing the job you expect to land?:

Within a month and no later.

81. If halfway house placement requires forfeiture of 25 percent of gross earnings, of your monthly take-home pay, how much do you anticipate you will keep during the time you’re in the halfway house?:

At least 50%.

82. What do statistics show that average households in America earn each year?:

Around $18000.00 to $23000.00 /yr??

83. How so you anticipate your income will compare with that average one year after your release from prison?:

I should be able to double that and way more.

84. What emotions do we introduce when we obsess on issues beyond our ability to influence?:

If we introduce such thoughts we are overcome by reality. Failure and no hope are some of the worst ones.

85. How can we overcome the despair that accompanies imprisonment?:

We have to stay busy. Study, classes, hobbies, exercise etc. And have Hope. Set a goal to achieve.

Michael wrote about the numerous ways that his behavior could lead to the extension of his prison term or the aggravation of his prison conditions. No one wants to serve longer prison terms or serve sentences under harsher conditions. :

86. What types of behavior lead to such outcomes?:

Care-free, not respecting others. drinking and not following orders or instruction.

87. How do harsher prison conditions influence an individual’s ability to prepare for success upon release?:

You respect your freedoms and will cherish them even more. I can’t wait to be able to work again in my field of expertise.

88. How does behavior that leads to harsher prison conditions influence the lives of those in our support network?:

They live it with you every day.

89. Although the prison system offered ways to lengthen a prison term or aggravate the conditions under which a prisoner served his sentence, what objective mechanisms exist within the system for a prisoner to distinguish himself in a positive way?:

Some places such as here offer better ways to become a unique individual.

90. How then does the system encourage individuals to work toward reconciling with society, prepare for law-abiding lives upon release, or earn freedom?:

They try to do this with prisoners teaching other prisoners. It goes good for a while . One scenario that I don’t like they will start a great program that will take a great amount of your time for a certificate say, 500 to 1000 hrs. then at the last minute they just abandon the program!! That is a great deterrent for most people. And most prisoners are wary of that happening again to them. And the cycle starts over again. NOTHING GETS DONE!!

91. Describe the goals you have set?:

1) To learn mathematics even better,( algebra, geometry, etc.). My future job depends on it. I’ve got the books I need sent in to me. I study each day. (2) my physical condition thru exercise. (3)  To do everything at my best ability and quality.  (4) to learn that to believe in the people and their ideas. (5) To evaluate everything. (6) to not take anything for granted. (7) To treat everyone as I want to be treated. (8) To get the job that I want by preparing now.

92. Describe how your goals relate to your professed values?:

I am a successful inventor and I am very fortunate to have an adequate education. I believe that education is a fundamental step in the direction of success. Another is to be able to communicate with others thru foreign languages, Spanish, French etc. I value family. Being without it for so long, has made it’s mark on me. I value it even more.

93. How clearly can you gauge your level of success toward each goal you set?:

I would honestly say, my goal of getting a patent has been accomplished. It has taken a long time and all of my money that I’ve made for over 7 years. Now, to get it to market is the next step.

94. In what ways does one goal lead to the next?:

One gets done and the others just move up into place. I’m like Michael, I’ve been in prison since 1990 and this is for sure my last time and I want to make sure of it! I’m going to be almost 60 when I’m out this time, and I don’t want to waste another minute of my life behind bars isolated from society and my family.

95. If you achieve all of your goals, how will they influence your prison adjustment?:

I will be able to say one day that prison saved my life. And I didn’t even know it.

96. How will the goals you set influence your prospects for success upon release?:

With a successful patent in the oil field/gas field industry, I will be able to get recognition as to my abilities and land the job I want. Then to reunite with my son and daughter who have suffered so much with out me for so long. You see, this patent and it’s value to society (this is written before the BP trial with the government starts in New Orleans), and the environment is pronominal (huge, BIG). I want to be able to leave this earth in better shape that I have had it. :-) !! After this trial , I am praying that they will make it mandatory to have these retrievable blowout preventers, that I have patented, in certain if not all subterranean gas/oil wells world wide. I’ve overcome a lot so far, and there will be more to overcome on this important subject.

Staying physically fit will make me able to be active with my grandchildren and to live a longer life. By learning math and algebra better I will be able to figure problems even without the comfort of electricity. Being trained in Auto CAD drafting, I am able to draw and manufacture on the computer almost anything I put my mind to and to see it work on screen. That’s a huge advantage over most people. I put in the time for all of these programs for a reason. I know they will help me upon my release into the community.


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