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by Manuel Chavez

Dear Justin:

As you know, I glean the magazines and newspapers daily for any news about the oil/gas industry, or any other news that may help me promote my invention.

USA TODAY has a full page ad by Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks Coffee Co. In it he encourages the public to become united in this time of crisis. The deficits we face are more than financial. Our elected leaders in our nation’s capital are continuing to put ideology over real solutions. We all know that something is wrong with America. We are better than this!!

Our history as Americans have showed that we have accomplished extraordinary things when we act collectively, with courage, creativity and generosity of spirit-especially during hard times.

Mr. Schultz says, “Let’s come together and amplify our voices.” He encourages all Americans to join the National Conversation with   #INDIVISIBLE. He says, no matter what we post or blog about if we use that tag #INDIVISIBLE Starbucks will do it’s part to collect and amplify our voices. He also says that it is time  now to join together as Americans. It is time, what ever out differences, for us to strive and succeed as one nation,indivisible.

Thank you,


7-7-12 Blog

Two years ago and three months ago BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded, killing 11 people, destroying the brand new multimillion dollar rig, and dumping/spilling an estimated 5 million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Federal officials vowed it wouldn’t happen again, but has anything changed? (I would like to know where I can get a copy of the new rules for well construction on Federal lands)

The offshore oil well blowout was the latest in U.S. history. Do you remember the Persian Gulf War?(1991) Iraq intentionally destroyed/blew up over 150 oil wells that was estimated to have spilled 130 million gallons of crude oil, which translates to 30.9 million barrels of crude oil. COME ON!!! Someone has lied to us AGAIN!! Here’s my point:

Why don’t we make it mandatory that all oil/and or gas wells that are potential environmental hazards have safety valves installed within the well bore to confine the fluid/gas in the well when the well experiences or exerts a pressure surge?

Did you know that in order to work on these newly fracked wells, there is so much pressure that the oil/gas producers have no way to shut them off? During completion or after the gas/oil producers run in production tubing the production companies have to “snub in” the production tubing, and that process requires the well blowing during this whole operation. This practice wastes millions of cu.ft of natural gas, by burning or just letting it blow into the atmosphere. A safety valve would automatically seal the gas within the well at the source, (perforations that let the gas into the well), and save all the gas that is being wasted on each well being produced today, and for the years to come that the well will be in service.

Here’s the second point that I would like to make: “It only makes good common sense” to protect the millions of dollars of investment money the oil/gas producers spend on each well. Look at what it has cost BP so far in the Gulf blowout, and there is still the court date coming up on environmental issues. The cost so far, is some where around 34 BILLION DOLLARS!!! Who’s going to pay for this? You guessed it, the consumers! This environmental disaster and future disasters can be prevented.

My third point: Insurance companies that pay the adjustments to an oil/gas producer that claims a loss on an oil related spill accident or gas well fire, need to take heed that there is a new innovation called a “Retrievable oil/gas well blowout preventer”,(U.S. Patent # 7,431,079) and it is designed to work in any subterranean oil/gas well or injection well of any type.

My fourth point: There are thousands of new wells scheduled for production in  the next 10-20 years. The drillers are producing 35 new wells a day across this great country and that number will increase as China and European countries use the new concept of fracking to get to oil/gas that was unreachable by the old way of drilling wells. I believe that the producers are not looking at all the potential hazards and if they are, they are not doing enough to insure the integrity of these new high pressure, high volume wells. Are these wells safe from any type of well head malfunction/destruction caused by terrorism, war, natural or manmade disasters, intentional or accidental?? NO THEY ARE NOT!!!!

This innovation is going to be very useful to the oil/gas industry, as soon as the oil/gas companies and insurance companies along with the conservationalists and the environmentalists can come to an agreement that will make all parties satisfied with the outcome. We would like for this apparatus to become a reality to insure our nation’s natural resources are being used wisely and that this device is use coefficiently with our natural environment. Clean water, clean air and wildlife are among our main concerns. We encourage all who have read this to get involved now. We will answer all replies and inquiries on this serious matter.

Thank you and best regards to all,

Manuel Chavez

My agent is Mrs. Carmelia Byers and can be reached by phone. (303 501 3482) or by e-mail  or (970 739 8340) or get back to me here on this website.

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