Manuel Chavez/ Personal Journal Entry

by Manuel Chavez

August 27, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Well it happened again!! I heard thru the grapevine (actually my son) that they had a terrible gas well blowout in North Dakota. It was so bad that it was totally out of control and in the aftermath of everyone escaping the catastrophe the company man got run over and killed!!! These accidents do not need to be happening like this!!! What do we need to do?? I keep writing these updates whenever I get enough to write about. Does anyone hear me out there?? So sad…. Does anyone even care???  I haven’t got a response to any of my blogs as of this date it has been more than two months since I started this blog. Just for your information. Otherwise who would know anything except from the newspapers, and if you don’t live in the area that these disasters happen how are you supposed to know anything??? I sometimes wonder who is out there anymore. Some feedback would sure be nice and a e-mail address or two would keep the lines open. Me :-)

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