Marko Avramovic/ Class 4: Life Management Skills

by Marko Avramovic

105. How would you define your life management skills?

I can freely say that I am good at achieving my goals.  Once I have a vision in my mind of what I want to do or because I go for it with full force and 100% commitment whether my goals are connected to sports, fitness or business.

106. What types of decisions influence how you will emerge from prison?

All of them do!  What I do everyday and the way I move around and interact with people influence my re-entering into society.  The way I take care of myself, what I eat, the way I exercise, what I read, all of it influences me to some way.

107. In what ways does your daily schedule determine your potential for success upon release?

The fact that I hardly have any free time to waste shows me that I on a good way to because successful upon my release and if I had done the same prior to my arrest, I would have never gone to prison in the first place.

108. How do personal relationships influence our prospects for success?

We are whom we hang out with!  That simply means that if we surround ourselves with people that try to do good and actually try to do some positive things, we are going to do the same.

109. How can we cultivate and nurture personal relationships that may prove helpful through our prison journey and beyond?

As I said above, great minds think alike.  So if we show people around us that we are serious about what we do, the same minded people are going to encourage and join us in the fight.

110. In what ways did Michael’s decisions at the beginning of his term lead to the opportunities that opened for him through the decades he served?

In every single way!  If he had come in the system like most of the convicts, he would have never been in a situation to receive my letter now J and thank him for that way of thinking.

111. In what ways have the decisions you made from the day of your arrest influenced your life today?

My life has changed a lot since I got arrested.  I think in a different way and now I have a vision how my life should be and I have goals to achieve.  Goals that are going to make my family and people around me live better.

Now I know what the real values of life are and what to respect and who deserves to be a part of my life journey.

112. How would you compare and contrast the initial adjustment decisions of two prisoners who offered their profiles?

I can compare my adjustment to the closest person to me in here, my friend Mike because his schedule is similar to mine and plus he is my workout partner which on it’s own, takes a lot of patience. On the other hand, there’s a lot of drop outs around us.

113. In what ways does your prison adjustment compare or contrast with the individuals profiled?

It compares to most of the profiles in Michael’s books, of course the positive ones because I have not done anything to waste my time in here.  Every moment is dedicated to the world on the other side of the fence.

114. In what ways does your prison adjustment compare or contrast with the type of career trajectory that Greg Reyes or some of the other successful businessmen described?

As like him, I have been working hard to get where I am mentally and physically and will continue to do the same until the day I leave.

115. What steps can you take in the time that spans between now and your release date to prepare for a law-abiding, fulfilling life?

Right now I’m working on securing my income upon my release and I’m trying to develop as many skills as I can that will keep me moving through my life.

116. In what ways are your interactions with others in prison and beyond purposeful?

It is a fact that prison is what you make out of it.  There is people within these walls that a person like me can learn a lot from and that is what I try to do.  Learn as much good as possible.

117. How do your interactions with others relate to the individual you aspire to become?

I keep company to people that are intellectuals that can teach me things that I did not know before connected to business, fitness, new languages, etc.

118. What types of activities, interests, and discussions motivate or inspire your closest acquaintances?

Intellectual conversation, dedication in everything I  do drives a lot of people close to me because there is not a lot of people with that ability.

119. In what ways will the relationships you cultivate help or hinder your aspirations?

Until now, I have had a couple of business opportunities, just because of my relationships with the right people.

120. If Red had a stable job with opportunities for growth, what do you suppose would have tempted him to revert to crime?

Some people are just tempted by “easy money”, even though after serving all that time in prison, Red had a really good job upon release but that was just not enough because he could not just let the old Red go.

121. In what ways could a prisoner manage his life to persuade prospective employers that he lives by different values from men like Red?

I have to show myself and people in society that I am a worthy and hard working person.  That the bad decision that I made before does not decide who I am.

122. How does an individual’s diction influence perceptions?

Through talking to a person, one can see whom he is talking to.  The way of talking shows how educated a person is and how polite.

123. How does an individual’s personal grooming and presentation influence opportunities?

Whenever a person works, he/she represents a company, so that being the case, a person’s appearance and looks play a big role in hiring.

124. With regard to the attitude attribute of the Straight-A Guide, what does it mean to make a 100 percent commitment?

It means you gotta put yourself into achieving your goal 100%.  Everything you do or say has to be connected to the values by which you have plan to live.

125. How would you assess your acquaintances with regard to the attitude attribute of the Straight-A Guide? 

If somebody is talking one thing and does another, I do not even bother myself by talking further with him except a casual nod or hi, how are you.


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