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  • MY VALUES (written 12-1-11) Based upon and inspired by M.Santos list of values. Discipline Fitness Spiritual Integration Industriousness Integrity Marriage Children Support Network Question:  How are these values reflected in your everyday activities DISCIPLINE To me this means having standards and adhering to them.  Dictionary meaning – to impose…[Read more]

  • January 7th, 2012     Day 100 Today is the 100th day since I surrendered myself to federal prison at Sheridan Oregon on September 30th 2011.  I would like to begin by expressing gratitude for the brief guidance I was given by Michael Santos on one of the first days after my arrival to Camp Atwater, the [...]

  • November 14, 2011 I would define success as making good use of my time inside to come to terms with those aspects of myself which lead to the terrible decisions which placed me here.  Also I would feel successful if I were to be able to find meaningful employment soon after release.  Another aspect of [...]

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