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  • 223. How would you gauge your level of financial literacy today? I don’t have any financial literacy. The only way I know how to make any money is though what got me into prison. 224. To what extent would you suppose that financial literacy relates to your probability for success upon release? I would say it has [...]

  • 9/29/12 2:20pm Back from the sweatlodge where life always turns into a thing of beauty. I swear i could see my brother today in the rocks. Then on another round I saw my friend Nikki (both are dead) and it was just like “Man……” right there with them again. There’s times when i’m sitting there [...]

  • 9/23/12   3:30 “What do you do in prison while your locked down? think and count. right now i’ve spent 3,918 days in prison over my life!! alot has passed me by. But today isn’t just “another day.” as i say to dudes around here who ask me what’s up. today is a ” NEW DAY”. [...]

  • 200. What relationship do you have to others in the world? To some, I have an integral relationship. Teaching them and (i hope) bringing something positive into their lives. To my family and friends, I know I’m in their thoughts and hearts. To others, I’m just “hippie” with n o real influence on them. 201. To what [...]

  • 9/06/12 4:30pm I was sitting outside today, out in the outfield of the softball field. Looking out at the mountains, and listening to my mp3 player. Listening to songs that i listened to all the time in high school. Songs that i listened to out on the street when i was on drug runs, or [...]

  • 174. In what ways do you perceive relationships with people you knew prior to confinement to evolve over the course of your imprisonment? They slowly dissolve, if not get severed as soon as you receive all the time. Friends and families grow up and have their own families while you sit in prison waiting to get [...]

  • August 16, 2012 “Just got back in from doing a “normal” day for me. yoga/meditation ALL freaking morning (It was everything i knew it would be and MORE!) went out to run all afternoon. wrote during count. hit another workout after count. Outside to walk and listen to music clearing my head. I’ve got 10 [...]

  • 8/10/12 9:20pm God damn. I think I’m about the dumbest SOB alive sometimes. Or just a glutten for punishment. I called my ex today. It’s been a couple months since i’ve tried. She answered and hung up. Which really just got me pissed and i called back. She told me she was at work and [...]

  • 151. Describe situations you can recall when inadequate communication skills led to decreased opportunities in your life. EVERYTIME I try to talk with onlyl Spanish speakers! Or when I’m talking with someone older than me and some of my “slang” comes out. I wouldn’t say they decreased opportunities, they just stopped my point from getting across.…[Read more]

  • 126. When you assess your environment, what opportunities for self-improvement can you create or seize? All my opportunities come out of my own creation. And even that is tried to be taken down by either staff or other inmates who want to know why you’re doing what your doing. And they interrupt you WHEN your doing [...]

  • 7/12 12:40 man….bumming like crazy today. got up and did my usual thing. then came out and tried to call my ex, no answer. then went to call my co-defendent (another ex) no answer. then tried to call my friend, yep you guessed it, no answer. and it’s just really thrown off my day. I [...]

  • 105. How would you define your life management skills? My life management skills have all been dedicated towards keeping myself in the best frame of mind while completing my sentence. I didn’t ever think that what I was doing (yoga/music) was something I could actually make a living of of when I get home. But knowing [...]

  • 6/21 9:30 pm Damn what a day. you wake up and think it’s going to be a good one.Then you go to the chow hall and find out that EVERYTHING is flipped all around. Then the rest of your day is spent trying to fix/find out the fuck up that went down. I tried my [...]

  • 6/20 3:40PM Man…had a moment of weakness and called my ex today. i was doing really good to. I haven’t called for the month of June. And i told myself that i wasn’t going to call again for awhile (if at all again.) But i went into the sweatlodge today. Which is always the most [...]

  • Thurs. 5/31 11:30 AM I just got done listening to “African Herbman” by Bob Marley. It was something that took me right back to when I graduated High School. I was already living in my own apt. at that time with my best friend and his girlfriend (who was also one of my good friends.) [...]

  • 97. Describe your thoughts on whether accountability logs would help, hinder, or provide indifferent to your opportunities for success upon release. I’m sure they would. They would keep you on the right path while incarcerated, which translates into success after your release. 98. In what ways will probation officers respond to efforts you’ve…[Read more]

  • 12:30 5/25 I got to do 3 and a half hours of yoga/meditation…then getting to read after that today. It was EVERYTHING that i dreamed it could be and more! Now, I’ve done it before. But now that I’ve got a celly that is gone all day at work, i don’t have someone coming in [...]

  • 5/23 3:00 Another great day going out to the sweatlodge. Man…don’t know why it took me so long to find it, but i’ll NEVER stop going to it. It’s also a new day with a new celly, in my old cell. Alot less traffic. Alot less drama. So it’s like a new day of beginnings [...]

  • 64. What values might lead a person to success upon release from prison?: Honesty, integrity, and character to name a few. They will always keep a man on track. No matter what I will pursue these values. I have been through too much to go back now! 65. How does a person ever become his values?: By [...]

  • 5/16/2012    2pm I just got out of the sweatlodge with the native americans. it was my 2nd time, but last week my mind wasn’t right. I wasn’t ready for what i was going into. I didn’t have a chance to meditate and get my mind right. Today, i got to do all those things and [...]

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