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  • 200. What relationship do you have to others in the world? As a man with a strong spiritual faith I feel obligated to embrace every human being as a child of G-d. Therefore I’m willing to contribute to society in any way that I can. I am open to building relationships with all people, with the [...]

  • 251. What does leadership mean to you? My perception of leadership is an individual who possesses the ability to direct, orchestrate, and pursue a deliberate course of action. To show leadership means to utilize your skills to accomplish your goals, regardless of the circumstances. 252. In what ways have your past decisions prepared you for…[Read more]

  • 223. How would you gauge your level of financial literacy today? Clearly I have improved my level of financial literacy. The time I’ve spent in prison has given me the opportunity to focus on my financial future. I’ve educated myself on the financial markets, business plans and investments. Through financial literature I’m always in pursuit of [...]

  • 174. In what ways do you perceive relationships with people you knew prior to confinement to evolve over the course of your imprisonment? It’s a struggle to maintain relationships with people you know prior to confinement. As I move towards my sixth year in prison, many relationships I once considered to be strong have slowly faded [...]

  • 151. Describe situations you can recall when inadequate communication skills led to decreased opportunities in your life. Possessing adequate communication skills is very important in today’s society. When pursuing business or job opportunities you are evaluated based on how well you speak. As a young adult, I recall a time my lack of…[Read more]

  • 126. When you assess your environment, what opportunities for self-improvement can you create or seize? My environment offers many opportunities for self improvement. I’m doing time in a federal prison camp, there’re individuals from all professional backgrounds confined at this prison camp. Opportunities come to those who have the network skills…[Read more]

  • 105. How would you define your life management skills? I define my life management skills as being creative, responsible, possessing leadership and always planning ahead. An individual must have a clear plan, and along with that plan, the necessary skills to execute it. With the right attitude, aspiration, actions and accountability, I would…[Read more]

  • 64. What values might lead a person to success upon release from prison?: I strongly believe a person success upon release from prison begin with discipline. Having the discipline to avoid any criminal activity, embraces an attitude of willingness to work hard to succeed legitimately. With the right attitude, faith, family, and finance are values…[Read more]

  • 97. Describe your thoughts on whether accountability logs would help, hinder, or provide indifferent to your opportunities for success upon release. Documenting daily progress using a accountability log will help provide opportunities for success in many ways upon release. Documentation gives an individual a reference point, it demonstrates…[Read more]

  • 16. Who are you? My name is Julius M. Lige. I am 36 years old, married with three beautiful daughters. I define myself as being a family man with a strong Christian faith. I am highly motivated to become a successful business man. I relate to the importance of values such as faith, family, finance, and [...]

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