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  • September 10, 2012 Ladies and Gentlemen: Well the cat is out of the bag. Royal Dutch Shell is now drilling in the Arctic Ocean. They are as to my knowledge just drilling into the formation above the pay zone and then capping the wells they are drilling until later when they will have a platform [...]

  • August 27, 2012 Ladies and Gentlemen: Well it happened again!! I heard thru the grapevine (actually my son) that they had a terrible gas well blowout in North Dakota. It was so bad that it was totally out of control and in the aftermath of everyone escaping the catastrophe the company man got run over [...]

  • August 3, 2012 Ladies and Gentlemen: Well I’m sure that most of us has missed the ad in the Tennessean Newspaper that has a deadline of 8-4-12 to get in your comments and suggestions for ‘fracking, drilling and flow back procedures in Tennessee. You see, there is this boom going on on oil and gas [...]

  • Dear Justin: As you know, I glean the magazines and newspapers daily for any news about the oil/gas industry, or any other news that may help me promote my invention. USA TODAY has a full page ad by Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks Coffee Co. In it he encourages the public to become united in [...]

  • June 11, 2012 “The natural gas industry tries to ease Fracking Worry” Dear Ladies and Gentlemen: The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 8.8 million tons of methane gas escaped from producing unconventional natural gas is 2010. The American Petroleum Institute and America’s Natural Gas Alliance estimates are half of that figure 4.4…[Read more]

  • Ladies and Gentlemen: On May 09 of this year BP has made a 500 ton system, which takes 7 planes to deploy, is in vanguard of world-wide disaster response efforts. This series of saws, mechanical pincers that can cut through broken well equipment and remover any debris resulting from a blowout. It takes 5 huge [...]

  • 5-11-12 Ladies and Gentlemen: Do you know that as we speak today there are oil spills happening all over the world and in our oceans? It’s true. There is one now off the coast of Brazil, an oil well is leaking and it will leak until the resource runs out!! There’s more. There are leaks [...]

  • 251. What does leadership mean to you? Strong, strength, the desire to become the best. 252. In what ways have your past decisions prepared you for leadership? I decided in ’05, that I wasn’t strong enough to do all this time on my own. I finally got down on bended knees and God and Jesus for help. [...]

  • 223. How would you gauge your level of financial literacy today? I would rate it as poor at best. I do know that  I will have to rely on my family for initial support, unless I get a big break on my patent. I sank all of my money I made working for UNICOR into my [...]

  • 200. What relationship do you have to others in the world? I’m a born again Christian  and I got baptized lately. I , like millions of others, believe in Jesus Christ. I also found the  Lord Jesus while in Prison. He and his blessings have seen me through many tribulations. I truly believe that he led [...]

  • 174. In what ways do you perceive relationships with people you knew prior to confinement to evolve over the course of your imprisonment? People have move on with their lives. All I really have is my immediate family. I’ve also been locked up fro a generation. I will cherish my freedom, family and a job that [...]

  • 151. Describe situations you can recall when inadequate communication skills led to decreased opportunities in your life. As a child of mixed cultures, Spanish speaking father, a Navajo speaking mother, I was confused at why my father didn’t teach or speak to me or my younger brother in Spanish. When we went to visit our relation [...]

  • 126. When you assess your environment, what opportunities for self-improvement can you create or seize? The free language classes available and the mathematics, geometry and algebra classes. Or any vocational classes offered. 127. What is your interpretation on the value of self-imposed structure of free time? You definitely need it. I use it to…[Read more]

  • 105. How would you define your life management skills? I have unique skills and capabilities. It started in high school and ended all most forever after graduation. You see, I’ve always have wanted to become a mechanical engineer. During high school I could have joined the USAF but, my father said ‘no’. I then went to [...]

  • 97. Describe your thoughts on whether accountability logs would help, hinder, or provide indifferent to your opportunities for success upon release. They help keep me on track. They are a huge help for me. I gained a lot from seeing how Michael uses them. 98. In what ways will probation officers respond to efforts you’ve made at [...]

  • 64. What values might lead a person to success upon release from prison?: Godliness is very serious and should be a priority to everyone. I am blessed and i will be going towards my goal of owning my own business again, and then to hand it over to my son. 65. How does a person ever become [...]

  • 16. Who are you? This moment in time and the things to overcome, “I am a very humble man of the man that I once was. Today, I am “sober.” I am more intelligent than I was years ago. I am looking for the “job of my dreams”. Today I am looking to gain your help [...]

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