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Full Name

Phillip Jamison

Prison Registration Number


Place of Confinement General

Lompoc Prison Camp

Date Imprisonment Began

6 Jan. 2012

Sentence Length

30 months (30 months – Good-time 6 months – RDAP 6 months = 14 months)

Scheduled Release Date

28 Feb. 2013

Anticipated Release Date

26 Aug. 2013 for F.B.O.P Custody

Age Today


Highest Grade Level Completed Prior To Confinement

Currently Attending College at Solano Community College

Education Level Now

Highschool with 60 college units earned.

Type of Employment Prior to Confinement

Year 1998-2010 12 year US Navy veteran of Explosives Ordnance Disposal. 2010-2011 Internet Marketing Business Director 2011-2012 National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and Instructor.

Employment Aspirations Upon Release

Phillip Andro Jamison (Former Gunners mate 1st Class Petty Officer EXW/SW)
Reg: 22433-298

Social Worker/Psychology

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