Sergio Estrada/ My first writing ever.. In English

by Sergio Estrada

Amazing Cisco

A deep self-exploration of my confused life guides me to a process of auto analysis. Then, a supreme power headed a universal conspiracy in my favor in order to sketch a picture of my own life to teach me the meaning of success.

Subsequent to contemplating an amazing creature, I received a dose of wisdom and I am sincerely thankful that God gave me the once in a million opportunity to meet the amazing Cisco. This awesome character opened my eyes of understanding.

The amazing Cisco acquired wisdom many years after he mastered each one of his skills. Cisco did not succeed because of his keenness of vision, his strength, or his power to reach the summit of the world.

A few more than three decades ago, when the amazing Cisco was a baby, he was obviously afraid of the undiscovered, but at the same time, an impulse to explore infused his senses.

Cisco felt drawn by the intense and peaceful blue sky, as he said to himself:
“I will capture a cloud and conquer the blue”
For a length of time Little Cisco received from his parents everything to subsist, but they knew that Little Cisco’s time for independence was near.

One day, an inner persuasive voice echoed with curiosity and reason upon each beat of his heart. His inner voice induced the inexperienced Cisco to aspire.

As soon as spring arrived Cisco’s parents urged him to edify his own destiny so they kicked him out of the den.

An inexperienced Cisco did not understand this kind of love.

At first he was scared but intrepidly Cisco escaped from his fears, then self surrendered to the inner voice commanding him:
“Fly, fly, fly with each beat of your heart”
Cisco started looking for his own food and shelter.

This Youngster was not growing fast enough to match his own pride.

A proud Cisco showed off his abilities on every possible occasion.  Beneath him, many creatures raised their eyes to peer at the majestic Cisco.

Furthermore, when others were making an outstanding effort to ascend, the amazing Cisco was dancing with his best friend who exist in an invisible dimension. This ritual dance inspired Cisco to reach an immense difference in altitude.  Moreover, no one elude him because his immense power and authority.

For a couple of decades he seemed happy, but his satisfaction was shortly lived.

It had been a long time since Cisco flew away from his parent’s protection. Now he realized he was not the same young explorer dreaming with clouds and a blue sky.

The Amazing Cisco’s bad decisions drained his strength and energy.  He was losing authority with frequent occasions of failure.

A Weak and Sad Cisco stopped dreaming and began ignoring his loyal invisible friend.

One evening in late November, Cisco heard the inner voice, strong enough to pierce walls, but light enough to be carried by the spring wind. The inner voice incited him to fly to the top of the higher mountain peak and stay there for a lenght of time. with a faded home and broken heart, Cisco began his journey, but felt incapable of attaining it.

The analytic Cisco said:
“Too much weight in my back”

“I cannot ascend carrying all this weight”
Certainly, he was carrying the weight of bitterness, resentfulness and pride.
“I can’t, I can’t!” the defeated Cisco repeated but the inner voice echoed back:

“Don’t give up!… please don’t give up .
Little by little, Cisco dropped his heavy emotional baggage.

Having reached the summit, Cisco started to notice more and more difference between his old attitude and his new thoughts.

Days became weeks

Weeks turned into months.

A determined Cisco took off his damaged feathers as time provides for new ones.

Action cisco worked very hard sharpening his prominent beak and claws.

Once more, renewed Cisco perceived the inner voice encouraging him to open his powerful and renewed wings to capture a cloud and to conquer the blue, as Cisco’s invisible friend invited him to dance a cadent melody.

Cisco received peace and freedom as he flew above the clouds with his experienced soul and a reborn spirit

Now nobody is afraid of Cisco

Now I behold the Amazing Cisco’s power, wisdom, and success!

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