Philip Jamison/ Personal Journal Entry: Weekly Blog

by Phillip Jamison

May 22, 2012

Weekly Blog:  Good week.  RDAP Orientation is finally over and now I’ll be moving onward into “Rational Thinking.”  The most senior RDAP Group “Group 33″ has recently graduated RDAP.  Some of the members will be transitioning back to the South camp now, and some will be going home.  Several of the members approached me yesterday and stated that they have high hopes for me through RDAP and can see me obtaining the position of “Head Senior Guide” for the RDAP Community one day.  In RDAP, the Head Senior Guide in the RDAP Community is equivalent to the CEO of a firm. I’m optimistic…

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  1. Thomas Jamison says:

    Hi Son,
    I noticed it’s been over two weeks since your last entry. What’s next in this program? you have such great momentum going don’t let this slip now, keep up the effort and good work.

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