Phillip Jamison/ Personal Blog Entry: 3 More Days and a Wake Up

by Phillip Jamison

3 more days and a wake up…

“Life Just Is”

Inch by inch life’s a clinch, yard by yard life is hard.

Meter by meter… yes my daughter Justus is sweeter, from the Earth to the sky I miss my son Kai.

From a whisper to a whisper I thank my sisters, from brother to loving brother I especially thank my father and mother.

Day by day I live life the valued way, week by week there’s a new adventure to seek.

Month by month there will be a new goal to hunt, year by year I’ll avoid the feeling of fear.”

Decade by decade irrational self-talk I’ll evade, century by century the love for my kids will be for eternity.”

From below to above my family I dearly love, from sea to shining sea thank you God for setting me free.

Phillip A. Jamison

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  1. carol angeli says:

    Phil: Enjoy your writings so much!
    I know you will be soooo happy to see your family!

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