Phillip Jamison/ Personal Journal Entry: Email Conversation

by Phillip Jamison

January 31, 2012

A day ago I welcomed Phillip to the program, then offered some suggestions on thriving through the program. I share our correspondence, including his response to me (which I thought was fantastic).


Running this program and working with prisoners across the country has taught me a lot. My own 18-months away helped as well. What I have learned is some guys start the program, gain traction, then stop. The reasons are many: too hard, I have too long to go, no one cares anyway; indeed, the pity party is full. I am not implying that you will be one. I write this to forewarn and excite you. Those that complete the program, I am one, have better, more fulfilling lives. It is that simple. So, in a nutshell, I offer the following suggestions: Just do it! Work with me to create a timeline, a plan, and we will make it happen. I have no doubt you will excel, and the rest of your life will be better for it.

Do write with any questions. Until then I send you my best.

Justin Paperny


Thank you for your response. When I heard about your program through John, I saw this as a solid lifeline to success later through my journey of life… Life has already proven to be challenging as it is. However, having a felony under your belt just adds to the mix. In addition, I would much rather have an area I can point future employers to in order to understand my reasoning for falling down and how incarceration helped open my eyes. Visualizing reasoning is alot easier to understand then being put on the spot to verbally explain ones self. To be up front with you Mr. Paperny, you can count on me to complete this job. It will be rather tough, however “The greater the struggle the more glorious the triumph.”

Phillip Jamison

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