Phillip Jamison/ Personal Journal Entry: Weekly Blog

by Phillip Jamison

April 1, 2012

This was my first week of my Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP).  Very stressful, but educational and highly necessary.  On Monday the 26th Mar, my group of 24 candidates were assigned to complete a 35 page autobiography and have it complete by Friday the 30th.  After three days, two pencils and one stiff hand later, I completed the autobiography.  In addition, we were all tasked to learn and recite the RDAP Philosophy.  Which is “To lead meaningful, respectful, productive and addictive free lives.  This goal is accomplished through motivation, education, caring and support of one another.  Incorporating these principles into our daily lives and accepting what each day brings.  Fortified with the tools to deal with life’s challenges, we enthusiastically embrace the present and look towards the future.”  While persevering forward to meet the programs demands, we all still have to maintain our daily job assignments.

I myself have managed to add some additional responses into my course Straight-A-Guide.  Our Drug Treatment Specialist (DTS) is a gentleman know as Mr. B.  Mr. B is a highly successful militant African American Man and a retired Army Colonel.  Although he is very strict and still utilizes his military discipline through his psychology practice, he is honest, caring and fair.  The group is currently at 23 of 24 candidates.  We have lost one group member due to personal reasons with in our first week.  “The pain of discipline would have been far less greater then the pain of regret.”  We’ll miss him…

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  1. Phillip I am in such amazement of your journal writing. I no doubt see you coming out of this chapter of your life a stronger, confident, wiser and a peaceful man who will no doubt inspire and motivate many others on path to move forward in life. I am so proud of you. Yes life is challenging but it is what we make of it.
    In the great words on my Sifu Master Yu KNOW YOURSELF, CHANGE YOURSELF, CONQUER YOURSELF.
    Just as you are doing, learning about who you are and living your destiny to fulfill your destiny through the hardships and obstacles life offers. God works in mysterious ways to teach us lessons. To grow and to evolve into who we are destine to be. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!!!
    I love and miss you dearly. And know you ALWAYS have my unconditional love and support. Your sister Angelina

  2. Phil: I am reading your blogs and I must say your sister
    is a great inspiration and one for sure who is always in your corner. You are already so blessed. Justin seems like just the right person for you to be working with. Already you are double blessed.

    Your friend, Carol

  3. Donnell Denney says:

    My name is Donnell Denney. I was in group 23 at lompoc. I was also a senior guide as well. I must admit the program is rather stressful especially having Mr. Best (lol). However the program changed my life. I was an a heavy drinker in the past as well as a drug dealer. I allowed my emotions and past to dictate my direction in life. After completing the program and now being free for one year I have a job in sales that has made me $160,000 thus far this year. I drive a 2013 Lexus gs 350 and I have my own place in a beautiful neighborhood. My daughter is back in my life and I have a beautiful woman who has me in the church. I am saying this because by changing the way I thought and accepting the program I am a true success story. Ask Mr Best about me and how serious I took the program. It really works. By the way before I came to prison I was living with my mom broke and in a dead end relationship. It’s amazing how just changing the way I think could dramatically change my life

    • Donnell
      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story of success with the program. Your words inspire others on the program and also myself, a family member of one of the members.

      Thank you for reaching out and sharing.

      Congratulations on your new life!

      Kim Dybvad

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