Phillip Jamison/Personal Journal Entry

by Phillip Jamison

February 7, 2012

 Today I woke up at 0530 for breakfast.  They served corn meal, a muffin, an orange and milk.  “Not exactly my favorite meal, but it’s a good means of energy.”  I went to work where I landscape Correctional Officers lawns and preserve their plants. The name of the street I work on is Elm St.  “What are the odds? I’m living a a nightmare of incarceration away from my babies and I work on Elm St. just like the Freddy Kruger movie” I went to lunch at 1030 and ate a chili dog and mixed vegetables.  Directly after that I returned back to work until 1430.  I had a mild tension headache so I popped some Aspirin and took a power nap for 30 min.  Later I ate dinner which was meat loaf and mash potatoes. “It was okay.” After eating, I decided to workout with my friend Mike.  Today we worked out chest and abs. I benched 245 10 times for 4 sets, followed by cable cross-over’s, dips, and 20 down pyramid push-ups. Every other day I would max on pull-ups and I’m currently at 28 dead arm hang pull-ups.  I’m still weighing 152 but I’m eager to hit my goal of 165.  Finally I took a shower.  After that I tried calling my wife but had not luck… 1 for 9 now…  Now I’m sending my daily blog.
Phillip Jamison

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  1. Tom Jamison (Dad) says:

    Dear Son,
    Freddie Kruger lived on the fear of others. Show no fear and walk in the valley like a giant. The world is what you make it and the present is the blocks with which we build. You will be stronger in the end. This blog is cool, it provides a place for us to meet and talk. Stay well and know that I love you and think of you everyday.
    P.S. I have to buy a new battery for your car. It won’t hold a charge.
    Love – Dad

    • Mr Jamison: Thank you for commenting. It will mean a lot to Phillip. I’ll send him your comment shortly. I’m enjoying my correspondence with him and am impressed with how well he is handling this experience.

      Justin Paperny
      Director, MGSF

      • Tom Jamison (Dad) says:

        Mr. Paperny: Please….call me Tom. I spent some time reviewing your web page and I am extremely impressed with what you and Michael Santos have done. I don’t know how Phillip crossed your path, but I believe it’s the will of God. Phillip is a bright young man who has made a big error in judgement, he know this, and now his life will be spent incarcerated for the next 30 months. That being said, I told him it does not mean his life is on hold and he should take advantage of all the system has to offer. Stay positive and eye the prize, so to speak, for that day he will walk out and begin another journey.I will support him on his present journey and please, never hesitate to contact me if my help is needed beyond what Phillip is capable of doing for himself. You have my email and my personal cell # is 707-628-1797. Thank you for what you are doing for my son and for so many other prisoners.

  2. Tom, Thank you for your kind comments. I am going to call this week to chat. Looking forward to speaking. Justin

  3. Hey Phil: How can you loose – you have two great guys in your corner. Justin seems like the perfect guy to move you along and your Dad (he is cool)will be keeping you steady on that daily journey.
    Hang in there.

    My favorite saying is:
    “to know and not do
    is not to Know”


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