Quintin Brazier/ Class 1: Values

by Quintin Brazier

16. Who are you?

I am Quintin Brazier.A strong,young, ambitions positive thinking person that loves life.I am a 27 year old male that keeps a smile on his face and strives to excel, regardless of the situation at hand.

17. Describe your background with regard to your education, vocation or career, troubles with the law.

In regards to my background with education.I graduated from elementary,middle school and just retained my G.E.D while at my last institution at Herlong FCI. I haven’t done anything else as far as my education goes, but I am working to change that. I’ve been in trouble with the law since the age of 11.I never really had a stable upbringing as a child. I was in and out of juvenile halls and camps. Then at the age of 17, I was sent to placement. When i became an adult by age. I was in and out of the county jail until i finally went to prison at the age of 21.I was released and ended up getting indicted with the feds. Now, I’m serving an 8 year sentence and will be getting released in 2015.

18. What are you going through now?

I’m currently in prison while my family is out there falling apart.And every time i call home and get disturbing news. Little do they know,it takes a toll on me. But i must stay focused and towards my goals at hand.

Describe your vision of the best person you can become during the following time frames:

19. Time remaining to serve.

On my time remaining to serve.I will remain positive and changing my outlook on life,following my goals and dreams and taking responsibilty for my own actions.Also,continue to grow to be a better person than i am as a whole.Love,trust and be true to the ones that mean the most to me.Open up..

20. One month after release.

Working any job and staying away from the ones that mean me no good. Being happy,enjoying file and appreciating the small things in life.staying optimistic.

21. One year after release.

Staying in my own apartment while continuing to work a 9 to 5.Raising my boys to be full of life.Also,with morals and values.Having an understanding women in my life that i can love unconditionally and grow with.And having a totally different social group.Away from my current area excelling.

22. Five years after release.

Moving into my house with my boys with me,married. Also,with a good career able to do the simple things with no worries. Living an honest life.

23. How do those in society perceive people in prison?

Those in society perceive people thats in prison as people who has made not so wise decisions.People that chose to do wrong things and not abide by the law.People that were led in the wrong direction at one time or another.But,with that being said.Society also perceives people in prison as just someone whos made a mistake somewhere in life that ultimately put them in jail.

24. Describe how television programs and movies depict prisoners:

Television programs and movies depict prisoners as hardcore criminals thats always plotting and scheming to do wrongdoing ot harm to others.They say in so many words that were not to be trusted and to always watch us.Because if you dont,It’ll end up being a bad look.

25. Compare and contrast your prison adjustment with the prison stereotype.

I’m not a hardcore criminal. I believe that I’m in prison due to a lack of guidance. I’m a loving,caring,and giving individual thats always thinking about others.And sometimes,will put others needs before my own.But me knowing the type of individuals im surrounded with.Guys “do”tend to prey on the weak and decieve others to get what they want.A lot of people are for self in here.And very few can you can trust.Because of this.Ican count on one hand how many people i associate myself with on a daily basis.Not all are like this.But the majority are.

26. In what ways is your adjustment similar?

I really cant say that my adjustment is simlar.I can honestly say that i feel like I’m the same person.I just don’t allow people to get close to me.Dont make too much personal unless its directed to me.Even then,I’ll try to divert the problem.

27. In what ways is your adjustment different?

My adjustment is different in so many ways.Im taking this time to build myself mentally,physically and spirtally.Im not just sitting around all day doing nothing.I have positive productive conversations with older cats that i feel thats on the right track.Negativity is something i dont indulge in and also stay far away from.

Describe what opportunities for personal growth and development exist in the different prison security levels:

28. High security.

I’ve never been to a high security prison.So i cant speak on something i dont know nothing about.But,from my understanding.There always on lockdown.And theres not really room for growth because they dont have money for the programs and too much tension.

29. Medium security.

The growth and development in mediums is at a low because men are running around worried about the wrong things.Where i was at,there wasn’t any trades but carpentary.And a person couldn’t get in it unless they had there G.E.D.I didn’t have mines at the time.And when i did retain it,I was shipped to a low because my points dropped.But if a person wanted to proper(excel),theres always a way.Regardless of the circumstances.

30. Low security.

Theres a lot of opportunities at the low.I think because theres no politics.Everybodies doing their own thing.And theres a lot more trades.Theres also no tension in the lows.And if there is.The problem is quickly fixed.People walking around with shower shoes on and men willing to help another out.A low is a place where you can actually focus on self.

31. Minimum security.

Havent been to a minimum.but I can only imagine……You can really focus on self-improvement.From what i hear.Its just like the real world.You”really” have to stay focused due to all the temptation.Also,you have to want it for yourself.

32. Prior to release, what do prisoners generally say about their prospects for returning?

Well, you have two groups.One group is the think they’ve became smarter crimnals.Or simply going to switch there huslte up.Those are the ones thats going to get out doing the same thing thinking there smarter than the law.The others are the ones that learned there lesson.There the ones that say their going to get a job or go work for a family member or whatever it is they do,there going to stay away from the negative things(the lifestlye that got them put in jail in the first place).

33. In what ways, if any, do those who never return to prison serve their sentences differently from those who do return to prison?

I dont think people who dont return to prison serve there time any different from people who do return.I think the people that dont return are the prople that finds something seriously wrong with not only the living conditions,But also the arrangements.The ones that dont return are the ones we called weird.You’ll always return if you dont see nothing wrong with this.The ones that do return are the ones that see nothing wrong with this.The ones that come back are the people that dont accept responsibilty for there own actions and want to do that same things upon there return to soceity.

34. What steps can a prisoner take to improve chances of success upon release?

The steps a prisoner can take upon release to improve chances of success is to plan,plan,plan.Have a plan and a backup plan.And if those fail.Have a plan to back those up.Have a family member or someone close help you retain a job.And no matter how many set backs a person has to continue to strive.

Sentence length is not a factor that is controlled from within prison, but adjustment inside prison may influence success upon release. For a better understanding of prison expectations, describe your thoughts on:

35. What length of time would you consider long-term imprisonment?

Well,for me.Any time away from your family is long-term.But if you were talking about short and long-term.I would say anything over two years.I say that because a lot does change within two years.

36. What expectations do those in society have for long-term prisoners?

Those in society expect for long-term prisoners to at least follow the laws,get a job and stay productive.

37. What expectations do you suppose long-term prisoners have for themselves?

I think long-term prisoners expect for themselves to get out,get a job and basically get the basic day to day things stable before they can move forward.

38. What do prison administrators and staff members expect of long-term prisoners?

Adminstraters expect long-term prisoners to not only set examples.But also lead by example.Adminstrators expect them to set the tone of the prison.

39. How would you define a “model inmate”?

A model inmate is a person that others look up to and can ask advise from.Someone that’ll have you best interest at heart and lead you in the right direction…Regardless of the situation at hand.

40. How does Michael’s prison journey support or refute prison stereotypes?

Michaels prison journey refutes prison stereotypes because the stigma is that everyone in prison is pretty a lost cause and bound to return and be a failure.Always blaming others and nbot taking responsibilty.Michael did not get caught up in the jail house politics and even though he was met with so many obsticale.He always found ways to overcome the situations at hand.He continued to build and not only keep hope.But also accomplish so many things through persistancy,hardwork and dedication.Where as,the prison system only wants a person to operate within there boundaries and only follow there rules and regulations.

41. What role did the prison infrastructure play in influencing Michael’s journey through prison?

The prison infrastructure influenced Michaels journey by putting him in certain positions to meet good people in environments thats not so “prison like”.It also influenced his journey by helping him keep a clear mind,eat 3 proper meals a day and staying consistent with his workout routine.The prison infrastructure basically told him what to do and when to do it. He just implemented his own program around there.

42. What vision governed Michael’s decisions as a prisoner?

The visions that governed Michaels decisions was the time he was to serve.If im correct.He took it  10 years at a time.And setting out goals for himself within that time frame to accomplish. He was never doing the time without a goal or mission at hand.

The Straight-A Guide includes seven attributes that he describes explicitly in the books Triumph!  And Success! What do the following attributes mean to you?

43. Attitude: What level of commitment do you make to preparing for success upon release?

To be truthful.My commitment is not yet at 100%.I’m still working on myself.But i feel like everyday,I progress to another level.I’m preparing by staying commited to the goals i set out for.Also,setting goals for myself and following them through.I live by the saying”Anything worth having and all goals thats worth retaining wont be easy.

44. Aspiration: Where do you see yourself at various checkpoints in the future?

I see myself working,putting my boys in good schools,getting married,owning some property and hopefully a few businesses.

45. What distinguishes an aspiration from a fantasy?

Aspiration is the drive you have to do something.Your push.Something you can accomplish through hard work and drive.A fantasy is something thats make believe at the time(not to say it cant come true).But most fantasies are very,very far fetched.

46. Action: What steps are you taking toward aspiration?

I sit back and think about it. Then i might do some research on whatever it is im trying to accomplish.Create a passion within myself to want it. Go out there and if not get it.Then push to get it.

47. Accountability: How are you measuring progress?

Im measuring progress by keeping short-term goals and not moving on until the one at hand is tackled. I also let certain others know my short-term goals so i can make sure i stay on track.

48. Awareness: How knowledgeable are you about the atmospherics around you?

I am very aware of the atmospherics around me.I must stay aware for my well-being.I have to continue to know whats going on around me because even though i dont get involved,my safety comes first.

49. In what ways do you reach beyond the boundaries that currently confine you?

I try to not let these boundaries define who i am.So i continue to correspond with family and certain friends that have my best interest at heart.I also try not to get into prison habits.

50. What do you know about the challenges that will confront you upon release?

I dont know too much about the challenges that will confront me upon release because i dont know what I’ll be faced with.What i so know is that whatever the challenges are,weather tempting or not.I have to continue to press and stay focused on my goals.

51. Achievement: When do you celebrate success?

celebrate success when i accomplish a goal i set for myself and its been completed.

52. Appreciation: What role do others have in your success?

I think others do have a role in your success. Not a super major one. But others are your peers.And they can either push you or discourage you.Thats why its important to surround yourself around positive goal orientated people.

53. Where did those choices lead?

The choices i made while in the 7th grade lead me in a direction to whereas the crowd i was with thought it was cool to fight,ditch school and do drugs.By doing these things.It lead me to believe that i fit in and was accepted among the ones that everyone wanted to be with.

54. What did you value then?

Honestly……Now that i think about it.The values i have now are the same values i had back then.There good values.I just have to channel it towards a positive cause.

55. How would you guide your children if they were making choices in the same way?

I would guide them by enrolling them into plenty of afterschool programs.Make sure they stay busy doing something productive and following their dreams.Whatever they chose to do,I would suport them to the fullest.

56. What would you do differently if you could?

I would change the crowd i chose to hang around back in the days.I would of also taken life more seriously and listened to my elders.I would of found interest in something binefital and pursued it full time.I would of taken a whole nother avenue.Done a lot different.

57. Describe the differences in your life today from the first days of your confinement.

I remember during my first days if confinement.I was egar to be involved and in the middle of everything.I wasnt trying to learn nothing and felt i had to prove myself.Now,Im a lot more laid back and trying to not only stay away from the negativity.But also trying to grow in so many ways.Im much more content with myself and trying to build any way possible.I stay away from  the young crowd thats up to no good and regardless of my circumstances.Do my best to lead by example and stay on a positive not.I value and cherish a lot more.

58.  How have your activities from last week led to your activities for this week?

My activities last meek has gotten my mind in line for what i plan to do this week.Always preparing myself for the task i plan to complete so i can make sure its done with my full attention.

59. Identify the values by which you live.

The values I live by are loyalty, respect, integrity and trust.  I believe these are four of the most important values a person should live by because they all pretty much self-explanatory.

60. To what extent do your daily activities harmonize with the values by which you live?

I believe that my daily activities reflect my values to the utmost.  I don’t only display them but I also speak upon them to those that don’t get a chance to socialize with me on a regular
basis to let them know what kind of person I am.

61. How do your professed values relate to your perceived role in society?

My professed values relate to my role in society because I’m loyal to all I consider a friend and people I just interact with on a regular basis.  People can depend on me and also confide in
me without worrying if things they’ve said will be repeated to others.  I’m a good listener and no matter where I’m at, I always show respect to others.  I believe I’m a true gentleman even though I have made a lot of mistakes in my life.  My grandmother taught me to have manners.  A person has to have integrity in life.  A lot of people in my life speak very highly of me and often tells me that I’m a trustworthy person.  I do my best do the right thing.

62. Where does your allegiance lie?

My allegiance lies with my 3 little boys and big sister.  They are why I aspire to not only do but also be a better person.  Those are the loves of my life.

63. Are values situational or absolute?

Values are absolute.  There upheld in all situations regardless of the circumstances.  Solid values make you who you are.

64. What values might lead a person to success upon release from prison?:

I believe that the 3 most important values that can lead a person to success upon release are dedication, consistency and commitment.  Without these three being used throughout the
day, a person is bound to fall of track and back into old habits.

65. How does a person ever become his values?:

A person becomes his values by living by them, displaying them and constantly speaking them.  I think becoming the values a person claims to have shows every inch of who he is.


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