Quintin Brazier/ Class 4: Life-Management Skills

by Quintin Brazier

105. How would you define your life management skills?

They are constantly improving because I am always working to improve. I know these skills are essential to be successful. Reading, writing, speaking. They all help me improve.

106. What types of decisions influence how you will emerge from prison?

……ten times easier, due to you showing instead of telling the progress you’ve made.

107. In what ways does your daily schedule determine your potential for success upon release?

My daily schedule has everything to do with my success upon release.  It all falls in together.  I’m basically setting the foundation while I’m locked up and by following “all” things through, sticking to a schedule, setting goals and completing them and continuing to stay optimistic prepares me for only a few things upon release.

108. How do personal relationships influence our prospects for success?

Personal relationships influence our prospects for success in major ways.  A personal relationship with a person can open up so many doors.  It can also reach places the initial person can’t reach.  You may not be able to talk to someone but another person speaking on your behalf that has your best interest at heart is just as good building personals relationship with a positive person that wants the best for you is a beautiful thing.

109. How can we cultivate and nurture personal relationships that may prove helpful through our prison journey and beyond?

We can cultivate and nurture personal relationships by documenting our goals and completing them, then sending them to the streets for others to see.  This shows your commitment and dedication as oppose to just talking about it.  Put forth an effort and others will help.

110. In what ways did Michael’s decisions at the beginning of his term lead to the opportunities that opened for him through the decades he served?

At the beginning of his term, he basically made a pledge to himself that he was not going to get the system define who he was as a person.  He
devoted himself 100% to growing, educating and expanding his vocabulary upon other things.  He also made a decision not to get into all the jail politics and find a job that would allow him to study his work in a somewhat peaceful environment.  This alone opened up so many doors for him.

111. In what ways have the decisions you made from the day of your arrest influenced your life today?

The decisions I’ve made since the day of my arrest has influenced me in a negative way. I can say that when I first went to jail in 2009 I did not have a positive outlook on too much. I was blaming everyone else and was mad at the world. Basically I wasn’t taking responsibility, and it got in the way of moving forward. I have changed a lot since then, and am proud of my progress.

112. How would you compare and contrast the initial adjustment decisions of two prisoners who offered their profiles?

113. In what ways does your prison adjustment compare or contrast with the individuals profiled?

114. In what ways does your prison adjustment compare or contrast with the type of career trajectory that Greg Reyes or some of the other successful businessmen described?

115. What steps can you take in the time that spans between now and your release date to prepare for a law-abiding,
fulfilling life?

Responsibility for my own careless actions.  Now I look at it from a whole different perspective till this very day.  I’m still growing and trying to better myself.  Every day I thank God for blessing me.

116. In what ways are your interactions with others in prison and beyond purposeful?

My interactions with other in prison and beyond are purposeful because they give me a chance to see things from their view.  I get a chance
to asses myself and change or work harder in certain areas if I need be.  Also interactions with individuals who are focused can lead to positive opportunities.  

117. How do your interactions with others relate to the individual you aspire to become?

My interactions with others relate to the individual I aspire to become because they are positive thinking individuals and goal orientated and if not successful, their working to get there and always trying to build each other.  The old saying “show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are” couldn’t be any true.  So if a person wants to be success that’s who you must keep company with.

118. What types of activities, interests, and discussions motivate or inspire your closest acquaintances?

My acquaintances and I like to work out at least 4 days a week.  Our activities consist of walking around the track talking about everything from family (values) to business plans upon release.  We also catch CNN and World News on a daily basis to stay up on what’s going on in the world.  Our discussions are based around the economy, family, life, goals, our plans upon release and sports.

119. In what ways will the relationships you cultivate help or hinder your aspirations? 

The relationships I cultivate will help my aspirations because I will not socialize with a person that’s negative or not trying to build or on the same page as me.  All the relationships I have with individuals I can see myself keeping in contact with these people on a regular basis upon release because they will be more of an asset than liability.

120. If Red had a stable job with opportunities for growth, what do you suppose would have tempted him to revert to crime?

…..person living by another mans’ rules.  He had to want it for himself before any type of positive could be brought to him.

121. In what ways could a prisoner manage his life to persuade prospective employers that he lives by different values from
men like Red?

A prisoner can manage his life by while excelling in prison, documenting it all that way while trying to seek employment the employer will not be just looking at his past prison record but also the credentials and achievement you’ve made during incarceration.  This holds as a little leverage.

122. How does an individual’s diction influence perceptions?

Because as you talk another person is categorizing you by the particular comments you make.  The things you say let’s a person know who you are and how wide your vocabulary span is.  It gives people a chance to perceive you in a positive or negative manner.

123. How does an individual’s personal grooming and presentation influence opportunities? 

A persons grooming and presentation tells allot about who a person is.  It influences opportunities because employers want people working for
them that is presentable and clean.  Some one that can be easy on the eyes able to sell the product.

124. With regard to the attitude attribute of the Straight-A Guide, what does it mean to make a 100 percent commitment?

A 100% commitment in accord with the Straight-A-Guide means to give 100% to all goals.  Everything a person says, does and thinks is towards the goal at hand.  It means no detouring and staying on track regardless of the obstacles you’ll face.  Also communicating with people that has the
same goals or at least state of mind as you.

125. How would you assess your acquaintances with regard to the attitude attribute of the Straight-A Guide?

I asses my acquaintances with regards to the Straight-A-Guide right on point.  I never noticed or really paid too much attention but I’m always setting goals for myself, staying positive, always trying to excel and only associating myself with the individuals that’s on the same page.  The Straight-A-Guide is only helping me take it to the next level by documenting and also letting others know so I can be held accountable.  A
blueprint I’ll implement.

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