Remembering When, by Anne Ferranti

by Seth Ferranti

By Anne Ferranti. October 2009

There are days like today
When my thoughts wander back
Back to a time when
My blond haired baby boy
Was laughing at my antics
When my toddler padded his way
Across the floor
When my five year old began
When my eight year old
Swung a bat and hit a ball
When my twelve year made all A’s
And tried marijuana for the first time

That’s when I began to lose him
That’s when my lovely, baby boy
Began a journey away from me and
Into the hands of the government
Who has stolen his young adulthood
And the promise of whom he could
Have been

Now he’ll be a different person
Than I thought he’d be
I envisioned a Harvard graduate
Who’d be the best at all that he tried
I saw him with a gaggle of little
Kids calling him Daddy
A handsome man who could
Be whatever he wanted

In a few years
He’ll leave the regimented life
Of prison
Where he is stifled and put down
By men who cannot begin to
Understand who he is
And what he can still be
They envy him because
While their lives are stagnant,
He is improving his mind and
Has many plans for the future
After he is free from
The Clutches of a revengeful
Government and the men who
Do its bidding

It matters not how harshly
They treat this boy of mine
He is stronger and smarter
Than all of them put together
They throw him into the hole
To break his spirit
But he emerges a better man
Than they can ever hope to be

So as I listen to the music
Of the eighties and Guns and Roses
Blasts from my TV
My mind wanders back to those
Carefree days of his early life
When he ran free and happy across the
Green grass of the park
And into my arms
I see him as he is christened
When he is confirmed in church
I see him as an acolyte and
As he played with his baby sister
Making her laugh as only he could

In my mind’s eye
I see him going to the prom
And graduating from high school
Playing on the school soccer team
Or baseball team
I see him accepting his diploma
From Harvard
I see him cuddling his newborn baby
And gently kissing her cheek

I remember when…
And I imagine what should have been.

Anne Ferranti
May 2009

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