Seth Ferranti/ Emerging Successfully From Prison

by Seth Ferranti

November 1, 2011

I would define emerging successfully from prison as having a plan in place so that I will be able to adjust to the outside world after 2 decades in prison. I have been working hard toward this goal by getting as many college degrees through correspondence as I can and by continuing to write books, articles and my blog. I am also writing screenplays and trying to network with as many people as possible in the film, publishing, and magazine and book worlds. I have a house and a wife go come home to. I have my plan in place and I have a small publishing house to run when I come home. My immediate needs of car, clothes and other necessities will be met thanks to my wife, mother and father. I have been building my network of support and the possibilities for me to do what I want in terms of work and creative projects are there. So that is how I would define emerging successfully from prison. One must have a plan and be prepared and ready.

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