Severin Stone/ Class 10: Leadership

by Severin Stone

251. What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership means to me that there is a direction that is being followed. The best leaders lead by example, so that is an important quality of leadership that you can relate to the conditions. Leadership means caring for those that are following. Leadership means doing what needs to be done when no one wants to do it. If there is no one following who are you leading. Jesus Christ was the perfect example of leadership.

252. In what ways have your past decisions prepared you for leadership?

My past decisions probably hindered my preparations for leadership but, my experiences have prepare me lead. As this situation has really made me face the weaknesses that I have and confront them I have become a better leader. Here I am a pastor of the church and must lead not only by example but in everything I do people are always watching. These have helped me to become a better leader but I still have a way to go.

253. Where does leadership begin?

Leadership begins with my attitude. My attitude dictates all in my life and how I approach every situation. The better my outlook on a situation the more others will want to see it like that. Thus leadership starts from within and penetrates outward.

254. In what ways can an individual measure his capacity to lead?

I guess by the capacity that others follow. The important qualities of being accountable and leading by example are keys to leading that can be measured and worked on. The more cognitive of his followers a leader is the better results he get out of them.

255. In what ways can an individual measure his effectiveness at leadership?

An individual can measure his effectiveness at leadership by adding to those he is leading. If you never lose those who are following you then you are doing well but, by those that are following bringing others to follow also you are doing great.

256. What does it mean to have a vision?

To have vision means that you have clearly defined goals that can be focused on and follow. It is very difficult to lead with no vision because followers want to see where they are headed. I believe this always keeps followers at ease to see the desired goal ahead of them and can help them be better followers.

257. How does a leader gauge the effectiveness of a plan?

The leader can gauge the effectiveness of a plan by how it is executed. If a plan can not be executed or followed easily many followers become weary and can fall off. The clearer the plan the more effective those will be at following the plan closely.

258. Why would leadership require accountability tools?

Leadership requires accountability tools because the followers want to see the leader lead. Without accountability a leader becomes suspect and doubt begins to stir from within. Transparent leadership that is accountable is very strong and has a great chance at success.

259. How would a leader make the most effective use of accountability tools?

A leader makes the most effective use of accountability tools by displaying them to his followers. As a leader becomes more accountable he develops trust from within and followers will be quick to respond and not second think any instruction.

260. How would you describe leadership by example?

I would describe leadership by example by a leader that is not afraid to get in the trench with his followers and do the job with them. A leader who is not willing to do the small things can be doubted on the big things. Those who lead from a followers perspective will be followed closer and have better response to tasks needed by the followers.

261. What does leading with integrity mean to you?

Leading with integrity to me means that all that you do is done with honor and in truth. This is one of the most important qualities of a great leader because the followers will believe in him. The need for more transparent leaders today is what we are all looking for, too many leaders today compromise and lose integrity. This is what plagues the United States, even look at President Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage.

262. In what ways does personal leadership require an individual to put the concerns of others ahead of his own?

Personal leadership constantly requires you to put the concerns of others ahead your own because you must gain their trust. The only way to truly gain trust is to put others first and earn their trust that where you are leading them is in the right direction. Only them will they fully submit to your authority.

263. How can our behavior in prison influence the lives of those we ask to support or sponsor us?

In everything we do our behavior in prison influences the lives of those that support and/or sponsor us. Those that support us want to trust that we are leading ourselves toward success and are willing to support that type of behavior. Running around getting in trouble, trying to devise a new scheme to get rich, and fighting to earn respect will not gain many fans that support that type of behavior.

264. When living within the restrictions of prison boundaries, where can we turn for leadership training?

While living within the restrictions of prison boundaries, we must turn to books or magazines for leadership training. One of the best sources for leadership trining is the Bible, looking at Jesus as the perfect leader is the best example available. Learning can also come from those that lead around you, I have learned a lot from Thomas Ross, who trains our work-out routines every morning, and has been a great example of a leader.

265. Describe an individual who has leadership skills that you admire?

The individual that has leadership skills that I admire most is Jesus Christ. As I read through the Bible you see countless accounts of his perfect leadership traits being displayed. Jesus exhibited all of the five attributes that Greg Reyes on and more. Caring for all his followers, leading by example, and humbling himself on numerous accounts lead to his perfect leadership role to leave as an example for all time.

266. To what extent would emulating such leadership traits influence your prospects for success?

Well the closer to Jesus that we can become the better in every way. The more we focus on His leadership qualities and emulate them the more followers will submit to your leadership as well. His all around combination of king, servant, man, and God as displayed in the four gospel accounts lay the ground work for leaders to come for centuries.

267. In what ways do our day-to-day actions show our commitment to personal leadership development?

The more we focus on the attributes that make a good leader the more we can emulate these in all our day-to-day actions. Our behavior will lead to the leadership qualities that we want others to see and follow. The better leaders we become the better we will empower our followers to become leaders themselves.

268. How can a commitment to personal leadership development while in prison influence your relationship with people you haven’t yet met?

A commitment to personal leadership while in prison can influence your relationship with people you haven’t yet met by sharing your journey with others. Michael Santos does an excellent job of this with his journals and progress charts. The key is to be able to show others that you are using your time to better yourself and tangible evidence is an answer many want to see.

269. In what way can the Straight-A Guide influence your prison adjustment?

By focusing on your values the Straight-A Guide can influence your prison adjustment. The more you become accountable to goals and others around you the more likely you are to hitting them. The Straight-A Guide is an excellent system to direct those who are hopeless and even those that want to aspire to something better. The guide rails that can come from clearly defined goals and accountability are endless.

270. In what ways can the Straight-A Guide influence your prospects for a law-abiding, contributing life upon release?

The Straight-A Guide can influence your prospects for a law-abiding, contributing life upon release by focusing on what is important to your values. The establishing and following of these core values are what is going to make the difference in your life upon release. The strengthening of your values will provide the backbone to convict you when times get tough. The Straight-A Guide can help you focus when things around you get tough and carry you through to success.

271. In what ways will you use the Straight-A Guide going forward?

I will use the Straight-A Guide going forward to continue my pursuit of a value based life. The skills I have strengthened in my journey through the Straight-A Guide will reinforce my goal oriented life and drive me through adversity. Going through a prison sentence should be a life changing experience molding your life forever more. I will never be the same person after this experience and the introspective focus guided by the Straight-A Guide is priceless. I plan to continue to share this program with as many as I can to help them grow and find themselves as I have.


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