Shawn Piper/ Class 2: Goals

by Shawn-Piper

64. What values might lead a person to success upon release from prison?:

Spirituality, family, hardwork, discipline, loyalty, morals, ethics, principles, and integrity.

65. How does a person ever become his values?:

By striving to stay focused and that what it is you want to do and be will pay off through hard work, discipline and persistence. being true to the values that they have set forth, knowing that they are the most important thing in being the best and doing the best person you can be. If you have go strong values you can go as fear as you want to.

66. How does a person strengthen his integrity?:

By not being afraid of what they do. staying true to themselves and believing in what they do. know and believe that their morals and what they value are genuine and good. striving to better themselves in all areas that they want to prosper in.

67. What immediate challenges will a prisoner confront the day his prison term expires?:

Employment, housing , significant other, financial as well as adjusting to the changes that have occurred in the free world during their imprisonment.

68. Housing:


69. Household furnishings:


70. Clothing:


71. Transportation:


72. Incidentals:


73. How much in the way of financial resources should a prisoner expect to need in the way of financial resources to transition to society?:

10-11k at least and that’s for someone who knows about having nothing and having to make do with what they have. After working for $10-$15 a month and getting a little support from one family member some like myself could manage really well. But there are those who still have $ from before their arrest as well as have people that has and still do support them but all in all its up to the person and what debts, obstacles, and plans the person has.

74. How will prospective landlords, employers, creditors, and others in society respond to an individual who discloses his criminal record(s) and history of imprisonment?:

Some will be optimistic depending on what area you are in because society is being awaken to the reality of the in justices in the justice systems. There are also a lot of people that have been in the same shoes as those of us are currently in and they have made it are more than willing to an excon a chance depending on the persons attitude. But a majority of them will, look down on an ex-con and not want to give the time of day deeming them as not human and still trying to punish them for the crime they committed, which they have just served unjust excessive time for. They may not want to give them a fair chance at trying to prove that they can be a productive member in society and want to try and atone for the crimes and damage they committed in the past.

Describe the job market in the sectors for which you would like to find employment::

75. What range of income does the market offer?:

I will need to do some research. Also i still have a way to go before my release so I’m pretty sure things will have changed by the time I get out.

76. What level of education or experience do candidates for such employment typically have?:

I would think that you would need an aa in psychology or sociology, but from my experience and from the people that i have talked to the best person that can help someone in the field that i want to go into is someone that has experienced what that person is dealing with first hand. In being that the person has been through what you are dealing with you know that they can truly relate that’s where the counselor, or consultant and the client have common ground which give them a better basis on something to build on.

77. In what ways will a prison record influence possibilities for employment?:

It depends on the employer and where you are seeking employment They have incentives nor for employers to hire felons also the employers are able to get bonded in case something does go wrong. But in my experience as an employer if you give someone a chance to prove their worth, most of the time it be payoff for you being you can pretty much get a feel for the person who wants the job when they come in to fill out the application and if you give them an interview. you will be able to tell in the first month or two whether the person is serious or nor by their work habits . If the person you hire is trying to better themselves and truly value freedom they will be willing to show up early and leave late. I have been overwhelmed lately with coursework and new classes. I am currenly in a reltionships and marriage workshop, along with being able to get into taft community college and taking business math & principles of healthful living.On the 21st and 26th I will be taking finals for the ministry classes.

78. Where is the general employment rate in your community?:

I am not sure,  but I am sure it is higher if you have a record.

79. How would you expect the general employment rate to compare with the unemployment rate for people with your background, considering prison record, educational record, and experience?:

I think I will be able to get a job because of my skills and even though I have a conviction. I am working all day. I believe others will take notice.

80. How much time do you anticipate needing between your release date and securing the job you expect to land?:

Hopefully no time at all. I hope to have a job before I am released because I will be writing employers and asking them to follow my profile, and grant me an interview.

81. If halfway house placement requires forfeiture of 25 percent of gross earnings, of your monthly take-home pay, how much do you anticipate you will keep during the time you’re in the halfway house?:

I am not sure. I will be a good saver.

82. What do statistics show that average households in America earn each year?:

I must do more research on that question.

83. How so you anticipate your income will compare with that average one year after your release from prison?:

I think i will be at the average or well above the average ,due to the fact that my wife and I will be working as a team striving hard to make a positive mark in society as a team putting all the ambition an drive into our business venture as we did into our illegal activities that led to our incarceration.

84. What emotions do we introduce when we obsess on issues beyond our ability to influence?:

Stress and worry.

85. How can we overcome the despair that accompanies imprisonment?:

Strive not to be institutionalized. Believe that there is life after imprisonment. Better yourself in all areas of your life. Don’t let anyone discourage you and try to tell you that you cant accomplish things that you want to do or be because of your incarceration. Continue to strive for the betterment of yourself and those that seek a new way of living and a better way of life just as i do.

Michael wrote about the numerous ways that his behavior could lead to the extension of his prison term or the aggravation of his prison conditions. No one wants to serve longer prison terms or serve sentences under harsher conditions. :

86. What types of behavior lead to such outcomes?:

Disrespect, bullying, tough guy, someone that is defiant or has become institutionalized.

87. How do harsher prison conditions influence an individual’s ability to prepare for success upon release?:
The harsher the prison the more tension there is which means that everyone is going to be on edge. It also puts a negative vibe in the air and makes one want to give up and stray away from positive things to better themselves if there are any available. When there is a negative aura the staff is more likely to be inconsiderate and less understanding of the issues that one might be going through that is imprisoned.
88. How does behavior that leads to harsher prison conditions influence the lives of those in our support network?:

Our family members have to worry about our safety and state of mind in such a negative enviroment. That puts extra stress and strain on on the relationship that a prisoner has with his family and also with the relationship that the prisoner may have built with any one other than his family that is supportive and there for them. It may also give the impression that the prisoner is not striving to better themselves and possibly have lost focused.

89. Although the prison system offered ways to lengthen a prison term or aggravate the conditions under which a prisoner served his sentence, what objective mechanisms exist within the system for a prisoner to distinguish himself in a positive way?:

Here at this camp there is an outreach program called t.o.a.d. That i am involved in other than that i haven’t heard of anything that is put into place anywhere else.

90. How then does the system encourage individuals to work toward reconciling with society, prepare for law-abiding lives upon release, or earn freedom?:

It is hard to say because there are some institutions that have some alright apprenticeship programs available but those are becoming far and few, then it depends on where the region sends you as to if you will even be able to finish the hours that you need to complete to become a journeymen. But to some of the staff its job security and they would rather see you fail than to succeed.

91. Describe the goals you have set?:

Since i had written this answer a while ago i have reached a few of my goals such as: completing herbology and financial planning, and being enrolled in taft community college for two courses. I have even gotten enrolled into the ministry course that they have available here, so i have met the goals that I have set for myself and have set a new set that i am currently working on.( I have set a goal for the beginning of the year that i will complete the ?’s in my straight a guide book by the end of march and have my portfolio complete. That will not be an easy goal do to the fact that i am taking the two college courses that i spoke of earlier and the ministry that is two semesters of work in one. But its something that i am determined to accomplish and will accomplish through hard work, determination and sacrifice.)?

92. Describe how your goals relate to your professed values?:

My values and goals are one in the same. My goals are part of my life mission statement, so I’m striving to learn all that i can and am involved in to help others by using the info. I obtain & practice in my life to show that what I’m trying to offer to people does work and im living proof.

93. How clearly can you gauge your level of success toward each goal you set?:

By writing them down and taking note of my progress. It helps when I write them out then word towards them.

94. In what ways does one goal lead to the next?:

They get me closer to living the life I want. When I complete one I am ready to take on more. One at a time.

95. If you achieve all of your goals, how will they influence your prison adjustment?:

It means I would not be wasting my time. That even though i am in prison I am learning and preparing to go home. If I can achieve my goals here I can do it anywhere!

96. How will the goals you set influence your prospects for success upon release?:

Being that the goals I have set are all for preparation of my release, I know it won’t be easy so by working hard in here, it will only build more morale, strengthens my character, for a positive attitude, which is important for someone that plans on helping those who struggle in all different areas of their lives.


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