Steven Dybvad – Personal Journal Entry – September 11, 2012

by Steven Dybvad

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I’m not in as much pain as yesterday, but it’s still very noticeable and very sharp, making it difficult to move around or look down at my work.  Regardless, I’m powering through this temporary handicap, getting things accomplished.

Today is an important day to remember the thousands of lives we tragically lose in the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers of 9-11.

Today every single inmate in the entire prison gets T.B. shot.  In order for the staff to do this quickly and efficiently they lock us all in our cells for the day.  Aside from having a bag lunch brought to my door, which I might add was a special treat; this is just another day at Lebanon Institution for me.

I just received a Jpay message from my daughter Caitlin!  This is awesome!  I love hearing from my daughter, it brightens my day to know that she’s thinking about me.  Thank you Caitlin!  I love you!

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