Steven Dybvad Book Review – “Law Man” by Shon Hopwood

by Steven Dybvad

November 19, 2012

“Law Man” by Shon Hopwood

I chose to read this book because it’s a story of a man who made terrible choices that led him to prison, overcame the struggles and adversities of prison and made a better life for himself and his family. I chose to read this book because I want to find more inspiration from another person in the same boot as me.

I would like to say that I learn a lot from all of the books of people surviving prison and making a better life for themselves but, I found myself becoming more disappointed in losing more respect for Shon with each chapter I read.

Shon immersed himself in every aspect of prison life, the good, the bad, and the dangerous. Shon could have avoided many of the problems he faced in prison. Shon played risky games of basketball with other races, even after he was told not to because it’s frowned upon by all inmates, black, white, Hispanic, or any other ethnic background, it would always cause problems. This was more an example of prison politics the question of racism and Shon continued to go against the grain. Shon also chose to argue over petty issues such as the television channel, which caused him to have to fight, which led him to the hole. He also continued to indulge in drinking hooch this is prison brewed out of and drugs like smoking marijuana. All of these decisions he made were dangerous, risky behaviors that cause a number of different problems within the system that puts his life at risk inevitably led to good days being shaved off his sentence, causing him to stay in prison even longer. Shon also got into a relationship with a woman before he really truly got a grip on his own life this led to issues within his relationship. These many various decisions are very similar to the choices that put Shon in prison in the first place. I think the only good thing Shon did with his time in prison is studying law.

By reading this book I’ve learned that my own set of morals and values are constantly rising within myself the more I practice living a wholesome, spiritual life, always thoroughly thinking through every decision before I make the choice, calculating where that choice will lead my life, whether it be the near future, or the distant future. Reading Shon’s book has brought more clarity to my own life.

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