Steven Dybvad/ Class 2: Goals

by Steven Dybvad

92. I value revitalizing my life, I value the relationships with my children, family and friends, I value my health so that I can live as long as possible to watch my children grow up and raise children of their own. My goals are in direct relation to my values, they go hand-in-hand with each other, coexisting. Same thing goes for all ends of the spectrum. If I still value drug use, my goals would be to acquire said substances and take the necessary steps to maintain use.

93. By clearly defining the steps necessary, and by keeping a constant daily log of our improvements and accomplishments. We can become instrumental at gauging our levels of success in each of our set goals.

94. It’s like having an ultimate goal of reaching the top of a skyscraper, every floor is a goal that leads to the next.

95. I have goals that go far beyond these prison walls and for the rest of my life. Staying the course of our values, guided by good morals can ultimately change the influence of our prison adjustment.

96. Every goal that I have set will continue to set is in the direct correlation to my success in life upon release. My goals are painted with the aspirations of my future and society, not the penitentiary.

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